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Strong's #4097 - πιπράσκω

pip-ras'-ko, prah'-o
a reduplicated and prolonged form of prao {prah'-o}, (which occurs only as an alternate in certain tenses), contracted from perao (to traverse, from the base of (G4008))
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  1. to sell
    1. of price, one into slavery
    2. of the master to whom one is sold as a slave
  2. metaph.
    1. sold under sin, entirely under the control of the love of sinning
    2. of one bribed to give himself up wholly to another's will
Hebrew Equivalent Words:
Strong #: 4376 ‑ מָכַר (maw‑kar');  5234 ‑ נָכַר (naw‑kar');  
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KJV (10)
Matthew 3
Mark 1
John 2
Acts 3
Romans 1
NAS (9)
Matthew 3
Mark 1
John 1
Acts 3
Romans 1
HCS (9)
Matthew 3
Mark 1
John 1
Acts 3
Romans 1
BSB (9)
Matthew 3
Mark 1
John 1
Acts 3
Romans 1
ESV (8)
Matthew 3
Mark 1
John 1
Acts 2
Romans 1
WEB (9)
Matthew 3
Mark 1
John 1
Acts 3
Romans 1
Liddell-Scott-Jones Definitions

πιπράσκω, v. cross πέρνημι .


3 pl. περνᾶσι Thgn. 1215, Hippon. 46 ( 2 sg. περνᾷς dub. in 52 ); part. περνάς Il. 22.45, Hippon. 52 (v. l.), E. Cyc. 271: Ep. Iterat. 3 sg. πέρνασκε Il. 24.752: Ep. fut. inf. περάαν 21.454 (but pres. περάω is wrongly inferred from forms like ἐπέρασσα ): aor. ἐπέρασσα ib. 40, Od. 15.387; part. περάσαντες h.Cer. 132; aor. opt. 3 sg. περάσειε [ ] Od. 14.297; aor. subj. 2 pl. περάσητε 15.453, cf. ἀποπέρνημι; also aor. ἔπρησα Schwyzer 714 (Samos, vi B. C. ): pf. πέπρᾱκα Alex. 146.1, Is. 7.31, etc. (v. infr.): plpf. ἐπεπράκειν [] D. 18.23: Pass., pres. 3 sg. πέρνᾰται Ar. Eq. 176, Hsch.: impf. 3 pl. ἐπέρναντο Pi. I. 2.7; part. περνάμενος [] Il. 18.292: pf. part. once πεπερημένος 21.58; elsewh. the pf. is Att. πέπρᾱμαι, A. Ch. 132, S. Ph. 978, etc., inf. πεπρᾶσθαι Ar. Ach. 734, Pax 1011, And. 1.73, etc.; Ion. πέπρημαι Hdt. 2.56, imper. πεπρήσθω SIG 45.35 (Halic., V B.C.), inf. πεπρῆσθαι ib.38: plpf. ἐπέπρᾱτο Ar. Ach. 522: aor. Trag. and Att. ἐπράθην [] Sol. 36.7, A. Ch. 915, And. 1.133, etc.; Ion. ἐπρήθην Hdt. 1.156, SIG 229.5 (Erythrae, iv B. C. ), etc.: Att. fut. πεπράσομαι [] Ar. V. 179, X. An. 7.1.36, later πρᾱθήσομαι Sopat. 6, LXX Leviticus 25:23, etc., cf. Moer. p.294 P.: Aeol. pres. inf. πόρναμεν Hsch. (fort. πορνάμεναι ): pres. part. Pass. πορνάμεναι Id. In Att. the usual pres. in act. sense is πωλέω, fut. ἀποδώσομαι, aor. ἀπεδόμην: from πέπρᾱμαι, ἐπράθην, etc. is formed the later pres. Pass. πιπράσκομαι, first found in Lys. 18.20, interpol. in Pl. Phd. 69b, Sph. 224a, and from this the pres. Act. πιπράσκω first found in Luc. Asin. 32: impf. ἐπίπρασκον Plu. 2.178c, Per. 16; Ion. πιπρήσκω Call. Iamb. 1.93, v.l. in Hp. Ep. 17:

export for sale, in Ep. usu. of exporting captives to foreign parts for sale as slaves, πολλοὺς ζωοὺς ἑλον ἠδὲ πέρασσα Il. 21.102, cf. Od. 14.297; π. τινὰ Αῆμνον sell one to Lemnos, Il. 21.40; ἐς Αῆμνον ib. 58 ( Pass. ), 78; σέ γε . . νηυσὶν λάβον ἠδ' ἐπέρασσαν τοῦδ' ἀνδρὸς πρὸς δώμαθ' Od. 15.387; κατ' ἀλλοθρόους ἀνθρώπους ib. 453; δήσειν καὶ περάαν νήσων ἔπι τηλεδαπάων Il. 21.454; κτείνων καὶ περνὰς ν. ἔ. τ. 22.45; πέρνασχ' ὅν τιν' ἕλεσκε πέρην ἁλὸς . . ἐς Σάμον 24.752; οὐδ' ἡμᾶς περνᾶσι Thgn. l. c., cf. Hippon. 46; later also of other merchandise, ὡς χαραδριὸν περνάς Id. 52 (v.l. μῶν . . περνᾷς;; τοῖς ξένοις τὰ χρήματα περνάντα σ' εἶδον E. Cyc. l. c.: Pass., κτήματα περνάμεν' ἵκει Il. 18.292, cf. Pi. I. 2.7; πάντα . . πέρναται Ar. Eq. 176 .

2. simply, sell (as always in the Att. forms), τὰ κτήματα πέντε ταλάντων πεπρακότας Is. l.c.: Pass., to be sold, esp. for exportation, Sol. l. c., Hdt. 1.156, A. Ch. 915, E. Ion 310; ἐς Αιβύην, ἐς Θεσπρωτούς, Hdt. 2.54, 56; ἐπ' ἐξαγωγῇ SIG 45.38 (Halic., V B.C.); ὠνούμενά τε καὶ πιπρασκόμενα interpol. in Pl. Phd. 69b; τὸ ὠνηθὲν ἢ πραθέν Id. Lg. 850a; πραθείσης ὀλίγου [τῆς πεντηκοστῆς] the tax of 2 per cent. having been sold or let for a small sum, And. 1.133 .

II sell for a bribe, of political leaders, τοὺς πεπρακότας αὑτοὺς ἐκείνῳ D. 10.63, cf. 17.13; τὰ ὅλα πεπρακέναι Id. 18.28; τἆλλα πλὴν ἑαυτοὺς οἰομένοις πωλεῖν πρώτους ἑαυτοὺς πεπρακόσιν αἰσθέσθαι ib.46; τὴν πατρῴαν γῆν πεπρακέναι Din. 1.71; πεπρακότες τὴν τοῦ βίου παρρησίαν Alex. 146.1: metaph. in Pass., πέπραμαι I am bought and sold !, i. e. betrayed, ruined, πέπραμαι κἀπόλωλα S. Ph. 978; εὐμορφίᾳ πραθεῖσα E. Tr. 936 . (Cogn. with περάω (A), πέραν, OIr. renaid 'he sells'.)

Thayer's Expanded Definition

πιπράσκω: imperfect ἐπίπρασκον; perfect πέπρακα; passive, present participle πιπρασκόμενος; perfect participle πεπραμένος; 1 aorist ἐπράθην; (from περάω to cross, to transport to a distant land); from Aeschylus and Herodotus down; the Sept. for מָכַר; to sell: Matthew 13:46 (on the use of the perfect, cf. Sophocles' Glossary, etc., Introduction, § 82, 4) Acts 2:45; Acts 4:34; Acts 5:4; with the genitive of price, Matthew 26:9; Mark 14:5; John 12:5 (Deuteronomy 21:14); τινα, one into slavery, Matthew 18:25; hence, metaphorically, πεπραμένος ὑπό τήν ἁμαρτίαν (A. V. sold under sin) i. e. entirely under the control of the love of sinning, Romans 7:14 (ἐπράθησαν τοῦ ποιῆσαι τό πονηρόν, 2 Kings 17:17; 1 Macc. 1:15, cf. 1 Kings 20:25 (); with a dative of the master to whom one is sold as a slave, Leviticus 25:39; Deuteronomy 15:12; Deuteronomy 28:68; Baruch 4:6; Sophocles Trach. 252; ἑαυτόν τίνι, of one bribed to give himself up wholly to another's will, τῷ Φιλίππῳ, Demosthenes, p. 148, 8).

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Abbott-Smith Manual Greek Lexicon of the New Testament

πιπράσκω ,

[in LXX chiefly for H4376 ni.;]

to sell: c. acc rei, Matthew 13:46 (on this pf., v. Bl., § 59, 5), Acts 2:45; Acts 4:34; Acts 5:4; c. gen. (of price), Matthew 26:9, Mark 14:5, John 12:5; c. acc pers. (of slavery), Matthew 18:25; hence metaph., Romans 7:14 (cf. 2 Kings 17:17, 1 Maccabees 1:15, al.).†

Abbott-Smith Manual Greek Lexicon of the New Testament.
Copyright © 1922 by G. Abbott-Smith, D.D., D.C.L.. T & T Clarke, London.
Vocabulary of the Greek NT

Unlike ὁδός, πορεία, ";a journey,"; is rarely used in a metaphorical sense, but cf. Psa. 67꞉25 [MT Psalms 68:24]. With reference to James 1:11 Hort, following Herder, makes the happy suggestion that the force lies in the idea of the rich man’s perishing ";while he is still on the move, before he has attained the state of restful enjoyment which is always expected and never arrives."; In Syll.3 1267.19 (iii/A.D.) Isis announces—ἐγὼ ἡλίου καὶ σελήνης πορείαν συνέταξα.

In P Grenf I. 43.8 (ii/B.C.) (= Witkowski.2, p. 109) πορεία denotes ";passport"; for a journey, and it is = ";caravan"; in P Lond 328.11 (A.D. 163) (= II. p. 75), where mention is made of camels provided—εἰς κυριακὰς χρείας τῶν ἀπὸ Βερνείκης γεινο (μένων) πορ <ε >ιῶν, ";for Imperial service on the caravans that travel from Berenice"; (Ed.).

For a wider use of the word cf. P Amh II. 97.11 (A.D. 180–192) καθὼς διὰ τῆς τοῦ ὁρισμοῦ πορείας δηλοῦ [τ ]αι, ";as is set forth in the survey"; (Edd.). Πορεῖον is used collectively in P Cairo Zen 22.3 (B.C. 256) : see Mayser Gr. II. i. p. 36.


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επιπρασκον επίπρασκον ἐπίπρασκον επραθη επράθη ἐπράθη επράθημεν επράθησαν επράθητε πέπρακα πέπρακά πέπρακε πεπρακεν πέπρακεν πεπραμενος πεπραμένος πέπρασαι πιπρασκομενων πιπρασκομένων πραθεν πραθέν πραθὲν πραθή πραθηναι πραθήναι πραθῆναι πραθήσεσθε πραθήσεται πραθήσεταί πραθήσονται πραθήτω epipraskon epípraskon eprathe eprathē epráthe epráthē pepraken pépraken pepramenos pepraménos pipraskomenon pipraskomenōn pipraskoménon pipraskoménōn prathen prathèn prathenai prathênai prathēnai prathē̂nai