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Strong's #4021 - περίεργος

from (G4012) and (G2041)
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  1. busy about trifles and neglectful of important matters
    1. esp. busy about other folks' affairs, a busybody
    2. of things: impertinent and superfluous
      1. of magic arts
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Liddell-Scott-Jones Definitions

περίεργος, ον,

taking needless trouble, Lys. 12.35; γραμματικῶν π. γένη AP 11.322 ( Antiphan. ). Adv. - γως Hp. Decent. 7 .

2. officious, meddlesome, Isoc. 5.98, X. Mem. 1.3.1, Men. Sam. 85; π. εἰμι I am a busy-body, Id. Epit. 45; περίεργα βλέπειν look curiously at, c. acc., AP 12.175 ( Strat. ), cf. Hdn. 5.3.8 ( Comp. ).

3. of an inquiring mind, Arist. Resp. 480b27; inquisitive, curious, Hdn. 4.12.3 ( Sup. ); π. παιδία Gal. 6.635; τὸ π . Luc. Alex. 4 . Adv. - γως, ἔχειν Astramps. Orac. p.1 H.: Comp. - ότερον, ἔχειν πρός τινα Jul. Or. 4.130d .

II Pass., overwrought, elaborate, ὀδμή (perfume) Hp. Praec. 10; φορήματα Ar. Fr. 321; ζωγράφημα Plu. 2.64a; τὸ τῆς κόμης π . Luc. Nigr. 13; esp. of language or style, ὀνόματα, λόγοι, Aeschin. 3.229, D.H. Lys. 14; τὸ π. Θουκυδίδου Id. Vett.Cens. 3.2: Comp., - οτέρα λέξις Id. Is. 3 . Adv. -γως Antyll. ap. Orib. 9.14.7: Comp. -ότερον, ἠσκημένος τὴν κόμην Arr. Epict. 3.1.1; ἐξορχεῖσθαι Hdn. 5.5.3 .

2. superfluous, π. καὶ μακρὰ λέγειν Pl. Plt. 286c; ὅπως εἴ τις π. ἀφαιρεθῇ (sc. δαπάνη ) Arist. Rh. 1359b27; π. ἐστί τι And. 3.33, cf. Is. 1.31; π. [ἐστι] τὸ λέγειν Arist. Pol. 1315a40, cf. Rh. 1369a8; futile, useless, πόλεμος Isoc. 15.117 . Adv. -γως Timocl. 13.4, etc.

3. curious, superstitious, ἱερουργίαι Plu. Alex. 2; τὰ π . curious arts, magic, Acts 19:19.

Thayer's Expanded Definition

περίεργος, περιεργον (περί and ἔργον; see περί, III. 2), busy about trifles and neglectful of important matters, especially busy about other folks' affairs, a busybody: 1 Timothy 5:13 (often so in secular authors from Xenophon, mem. 1, 3, 1; περιεργων καί πολυπράγμων, Epictetus diss. 3, 1, 21); of things: τά περίεργα, impertinent and superfluous, of magic (A. V., curious) arts, Acts 19:19 (so περίεργος practising magic, Aristaen., epistles 2, 18, 2 (cf. Plutarch, Alex. 2, 5)); cf. Kypke, Observations, and Kuinoel, commentary at the passage.

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Abbott-Smith Manual Greek Lexicon of the New Testament

* περίεργος , -ον ,

I. of persons;

1. over careful.

2. curious, meddling, a busybody: 1 Timothy 5:13.

II. Of things;

1. over-wrought.

2. superfluous.

3. curious, uncanny; τὰ Papyri, curious arts, magic: Acts 19:19 (v. Deiss., BS, 3235.).†

Abbott-Smith Manual Greek Lexicon of the New Testament.
Copyright © 1922 by G. Abbott-Smith, D.D., D.C.L.. T & T Clarke, London.
Vocabulary of the Greek NT

For the generally intrans. use of this verb = ";abound,"; ";superabound,"; see P Rev Llvii. 13 (B.C. 258) τὸ πλεόναζον τοῦ προκηρυχθέντος, ";in excess of the amount previously decreed,"; P Lille I, 1 verso.16 (B.C. 259–8) εἰς ὃ ἔσται βραχὺ τὸ ἀνάλωμα, ὥστε ἀντ᾽ ἐκείνου τοῦ πλεονάζοντος ἔργου ὧδε κομίζεσθαι, ";la dépense sera donc peu élevée et de la sorte on balancera le supplément de travail indiqué plus haut"; (Ed.), P Ryl II. 214.17 (ii/A.D.) με ]τὰ τ [ὰς ἀπὸ μερισμοῦ ] του ε ̄ (ἔτους) πε [πλε ]ονακ (υίας) . . . (δραχμάς), ";after deduction of the drachmae in excess of the assessment of the 5th year"; (Edd.), and the Andanian inscr. relating to the mysteries . Syll 653 (= .3 736).39 (B.C. 92) εἰ δὲ μή, μὴ ἐπιτρεπόντω οἱ ἱεροί, καὶ τὰ πλειονάζοντα ἱερὰ ἔστω τῶν θεῶν. Cf. also Aristeas 273 διὰ τὸ δύο πλεονάζειν τῶν ἑβδομήκοντα, ";because their number exceeded seventy by two."; The trans. use of πλεονάζω in 1 Thessalonians 3:12 can be paralleled from the LXX (Numbers 26:54, Psa. 70꞉21 [MT Psalms 71:21]). For the subst. πλεόνασμα cf. P Tebt I. 78.7 (B.C. 110–8) and for πλεονασμός cf. P Loud 604 B.54 (c. A.D. 47) (= III. p. 78) with the editor’s note, and Wilcken Ostr. i. p. 280.


The Vocabulary of the Greek New Testament.
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List of Word Forms
περιεργα περίεργα περιεργοι περίεργοι perierga períerga periergoi períergoi