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Wilson's Dictionary of Bible Types

Rest (and Forms)

Genesis 2:2 (a) This is a wonderful truth represented in this beautiful word. GOD rested after He had finished all His work. So the Christian ceases from all his own labors for salvation and efforts to make himself fit for Heaven, he comes to the Lord JESUS CHRIST, the Saviour of sinners, he trusts his soul to that lovely Lord, and at once enters into GOD's rest. This is described in detail in Hebrews, chapters 3,4.

Genesis 8:9 (c) In this picture we may see the truth that the Christian represented by the dove will find no resting place in all the earth's provisions for the soul. Only in CHRIST, represented by the ark, is there a safe place for rest and peace.

Exodus 33:14 (a) If any man in the world had a right to worry, it was Moses. He had been given the commission and the command to lead about three million people away from their homes, their business, their comforts and conveniences into a desert. There were no bridges, no roads, no stores, no crops, no comforts of any kind. In this tremendously difficult situation, GOD assured Moses that His provision would be so complete that Moses could rest and not worry about anything. This is one of the greatest promises in the Bible. We may have this rest about our lives.

Exodus 34:21 (a) Most of GOD's servants get so busy that they have no time to get away for rest with the Lord. (See Mark 6:31).

Ruth 1:9 (a) Naomi gave some very wrong advice to her two daughters-in-law. None of them had found rest down in Moab, and Moab is a type of the world. The "rest" that she spoke about was rest from the sorrows of widowhood, and the grief that always goes with a broken home. The only place they could find real rest would be among the people of GOD, and under the protecting care of the true GOD. That kind of rest is the portion of those who lay their burdens at the feet of the Lord, and leave them there.

1 Chronicles 6:31 (a) The traveling days of Israel through the wilderness were finished. The ark was to be carried about no more. This is a picture of that which is the blessing of the child of GOD who, in complete consecration, quits his wandering from the paths of the Lord, and gives his life completely to the Holy Spirit.

Psalm 95:11 (a) The blessing which is spoken of in this passage is described more fully in Hebrews 4:5. It is a ceasing from one's own work for salvation, or forgiveness, and a relaxing in GOD's presence because "JESUS paid it all." The work and Person of CHRIST are sufficient to satisfy GOD, and to save the soul. The believer enters into this rest when he ceases from his own works, and trusts fully and entirely in CHRIST JESUS for His salvation.

Psalm 116:7 (a) This is an appeal David makes to his own heart to quit worrying and fretting over the sins of others, or the sorrows of his own path. The Lord Himself takes the burden, blots out the sins, removes the hindrances, and gives us freedom. David called on his soul to enjoy this blessing.

Isaiah 11:10 (a) This is descriptive of the wonderfully blessed condition that shall exist on the earth when all enmity, animosity and antipathy are removed. Man and beast will dwell together in comfort, unity and safety. We may apply this truth now.

Isaiah 28:12 (a) Again our blessed Lord invites His people to quit worrying and fretting about the enemy, or about any other adverse situation. He wants his child to let Him handle all the problems, solve the difficulties and gain the victory.

Isaiah 66:1 (b) In addition to the prophetic aspect in which Israel was to build a temple again for GOD, there is a beautiful type here of that sweet experience of the Christian wherein he builds in his life a character and an experience in which GOD is delighted and in which GOD feels at home. JESUS said, "We will come unto him, and make Our abode with him" ( John 14:23). - thus indicating that GOD is at rest in the life of a loving, obedient Christian.

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