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Wace's Dictionary of Early Christian Biography

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Tarachus, Also Called Victor Tatianus Teaching of the Twelve Apostles Teilo, Bishop of Llandaff Telesphorus, Bishop of Rome Tertullianus, Quintus Septimius Florens Thaddaeus Thais Thecla Themistius Theoctistus Psathyropola Theoctistus, Bishop of Caesarea Theodebert I., King of the Franks Theodelinda, Queen of the Lombards Theodora I., Empress Theodoretus, Bishop of Cyrrhus Theodoricus I., King of the Franks Theodoricus I., King of the Visigoths Theodoricus, the Ostrogoth Theodorus Askidas, Archbaptist of Caesarea Theodorus Lector Theodorus of Amasea Theodorus of Tabenna Theodorus, Bishop of Mopsuestia Theodorus, Bishop of Tyana Theodosius I., the Great Theodosius II., Emperor Theodosius of Syria Theodosius, a Monophysite Monk Theodotion, Otherwise Theodotus Theodotus of Byzantium Theodotus the Banker Theodotus, Bishop of Laodicea Theodotus, Martyr at Ancyra Theodotus, Patriarch of Antioch Theognostus, a Priest of Alexandria Theonas, Bishop of Alexandria Theophilus Theophilus, Bishop of Alexandria Theophilus, Bishop of Antioch Theophronius Theophylactus Simocatta Theosebas, a Deacon Theotimus, Bishop of Tomi Thomas Apameensis, Bishop of Apamea Thomas Edessenus Tiberius II., Emperor of Constantinople Tiburtius Tichonius, an African Donatist Timotheus I., Archbaptist of Alexandria Timotheus Salofaciolus Timotheus, Called Aelurus Timotheus, Patriarch of Constantinople Titus, Bishop of Bostra Titus, Emperor Trajanus, M. Ulpius Trophimus, 1st Bishop of Arles Trophimus, an Italian Bishop
Henry Wace
Henry Wace

Welcome to the 'Wace's Dictionary of Early Christian Biography', one of the dictionaries resources FREELY available on StudyLight.org!

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Designed to render to a wider circle, alike of clergy and of laity, the service which, as is generally admitted, has been rendered to the learned world by The Dictionary of Christian Biography, Literature, Sects, and Doctrines, published under the editorship of Dr. Wace and the late Dr. Wm. Smith, about twenty years ago, in four large volumes.

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