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Bible Commentaries
1 Chronicles 19

Coke's Commentary on the Holy BibleCoke's Commentary

Verse 17

1 Chronicles 19:17. Thirty and two thousand chariots Waterland and Houbigant read, Thirty-two thousand men, with chariots. See 2 Samuel 10:18.

Verse 18

1 Chronicles 19:18. Seven thousand men, &c.— Seven thousand men, with chariots. Houbigant renders it, David destroyed seven thousand horsemen of the Syrians, seven hundred chariots, and forty thousand footmen. See the parallel place.

REFLECTIONS.—1st, This history we may find, 2 Samuel 10:0. It shows, (1.) How the kindest actions may be misinterpreted, and the most friendly concern be repaid with ingratitude. (2.) That the most innocent character may suffer much reproach. (3.) Where whisperers are heard, nearest friends are separated. (4.) That they who receive damage in our service, ought to be tenderly taken care of, and provided for.

2nd, 1. Had the Ammonites submitted, they might at much less expence have obtained their peace with David, than by the useless assistance of Syria; but the mischief which pride begins, obstinacy often completes.
2. Joab seems to have been in imminent danger; like the christian, who is often sore beset behind and before, only to excite his faith and fortitude, and to exalt the power and grace of God in his preservation.
3. One loss only whetted the Syrian's revenge; but their united forces met no more success the second time than the first. In vain do they strive, who fight against God.
4. Experience taught them at last to submit. It is a mercy if our sufferings drive us at last to God, to take hold of his strength, and make peace with him.

Bibliographical Information
Coke, Thomas. "Commentary on 1 Chronicles 19". Coke's Commentary on the Holy Bible. https://studylight.org/commentaries/eng/tcc/1-chronicles-19.html. 1801-1803.
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