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1 Samuel 22

Verse 1

1 Samuel 22:1


I. David's escape to the cave of Adullam. Sudden preferment is often followed by unexpected reverses. (1) It was a place of safety. (2) It was a place of comparative seclusion. (3) It was a place of earnest supplication. In that cave David sought forgiveness, protection, deliverance. There is a cave of Adullam in every life. Doubt, persecution, sickness, bereavement, any of these may be our cave.

II. David's associates in the cave of Adullam. (1) It was an affectionate association. (2) It was a mixed association. (3) It was a faithful association.

III. David's thoughtfulness in the cave of Adullam. He proved his ardent attachment to his parents. (1) By his dangerous journey to promote their comfort. "David went thence to Moab." (2) By his earnest intercession to obtain protection for his parents. "Let my father and mother, I pray thee, come forth to be with you." (3) By his special endeavour to secure respect for his parents, "He brought them before the king."

IV. David's departure from the cave of Adullam. (1) Good men receive timely direction from God. "Abide not in the hold." (2) Good men receive minute direction from God. "Get thee into the land of Judah." (3) Good men promptly obey the direction of God. "Then David departed." We dare not resist the leadings of Divine Providence. There is a time coming when we must all depart. We must depart from our work, and wealth, and friends, and home, and life.

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