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Hawker's Poor Man's Commentary

Psalms 95

Verse 1


This is a gospel Psalm, from beginning to end. The rock of whom it speaks is Christ, and the salvation it sings is his. It forms an earnest exhortation of the church, that every heart should join in praises to the God of salvation.

Psalms 95:1

We cannot possibly err in our application of what is here said, by referring to Jesus and his church; since the Holy Ghost himself hath condescended to give his own comment upon it, Hebrews 3:0 and Hebrews 4:0 where the blessed Spirit expressly saith, the day spoken of in this Psalm means the gospel day, and that Christ is the rock of our salvation. 1 Corinthians 10:4 . So believers are enjoined by the Holy Ghost to invite one another to sing the praises of Jehovah, their Rock, their Jesus, their salvation.

Verse 2

The joyful noise is again repeated, as if the blessed Spirit would have the earth ring with his praises, as the heaven above is full of his glory. And, Reader! do remark the privilege of the gospel church, compared to the church of old: Jehovah then dwelt between the cherubim, shadowing the mercy-seat; and there the church drew nigh. But, Jesus having opened a new and living way for us by his blood, we are permitted, yea commanded, to come into his immediate presence, having such an High Priest over the house of God, who hath not only opened the way by his blood, but ever liveth to keep it open by his intercession. Exodus 25:22 ; Hebrews 4:14-16 .

Verses 3-5

Here the Psalmist, taught by the Holy Ghost, brings forward some of the blessed causes for which Jesus claims the love, and praise, and unceasing adoration of his people. He is our Maker, and a great King, in whose hands are all the things of the earth. He is the upholder, and preserver, and sustainer of all things; for by him all things consist; and as all things were made by him, so were they for him. All things, as the gospel speaks, were made by him, and without him was not anything made that was made. John 1:3 ; Colossians 1:16-18 .

Verses 6-7

The call is again in a beautiful manner repeated, and the invitation to praise him is now joined with a request also to pray to him, to fall down before him, both as our Maker in original creation, and our Maker in the new creation by the Holy Ghost; and, by every act of unfeigned love and holy joy and adoration, tell our glorious Immanuel what our souls feel in every suited affection towards him. And as these high-sounding praises are with special reference to Jesus, as the Rock of our salvation; so in the same special manner we behold ourselves as his redeemed, his people, and the sheep of his hand.

Verses 8-11

The Holy Ghost hath given his decided comment upon this scripture, with reference to the church, Hebrews 3:4 , and adverts to the circumstances of Israel at the waters of Massah and Meribah, Exodus 17:1-7 . No doubt, there was much unbelief in this rebellion of Israel, particularly with respect to Christ; for the Holy Ghost saith that the Gospel was preached unto them. Therefore this was the sin referred to in the rejection of Christ: Behold I stand upon the Rock, saith God. And Paul was commissioned to tell the church; that that Rock was Christ. And wherefore is that story incorporated in such an hymn of praise to Christ as this is, but to say the same to us? Take heed, brethren, lest there be in any of you a heart of unbelief, in departing, from the living God. Compare Exodus 17:6 ; with 1 Corinthians 10:4 ; Hebrews 3:12 .

Verse 11


MY soul canst thou accept the invitation, and join with holy joy and love the pressing call of the church, and hasten to celebrate the praises of Jehovah Jesus, the Rock of thy salvation? Is he indeed thy Rock, thy Saviour, thy Holy One, thy Jesus, thy Chosen? Hath he won thy affections, gained over thine heart to his love; and dost thou know him in all those sweet and covenant relations, in which the Holy Ghost here represents him to the Church? Oh! precious view of a most blessed and precious Saviour! Help me, Lord, to put forth all my strength, and hasten to bow down the knee of my heart with all my soul and body, before his footstool. Yes! Lord, I would make a joyful noise, the loudest noise of the warmest heart, in praising thee, in loving thee, in living to thee, both in ordinances and without them, day by day, and night by night, to show forth the praises of him, who hath called me out of darkness into his marvellous light. Creation, providence, redemption, grace, glory, shall all come into the notes of my song. And I would not only call upon all that is within me to praise Jesus, but I would call upon everyone around me to make a joyful noise to the God of my salvation! And oh! thou dear Redeemer! I beseech thee, Lord, by all the endearing tokens of thy redeeming love, manifested to such a sinner as I am, grant me renewed grace in the continued exercise of faith, that while praising thee I may live upon thee, and while adoring thee my soul may increase in love towards thee. Then shall I have some faint enjoyment of what the blessed above, at the fountain-head of thy presence, richly partake of; and by learning day by day to praise thee more and more, my soul may be forming, under thy divine hand, for the everlasting enjoyment and praises of my God, in the glory that shall be revealed. Amen.

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