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Philippians 2

Luscombe's Commentary on Selected Books of the NTLuscombe's NT Commentary

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Verses 1-11

4. The Great Example



1 Consolation, comfort, fellowship, bowels

2 Likeminded, accord, mercies

3 Strife, vainglory, lowliness, esteem

4 Look, own things

5 Mind

6 Form, robbery, equal

7 Reputation, servant

8 Fashion, humbled, obedient, death, cross

9 Exalted, name, above

10 Bow, heaven, earth, under earth

11 Tongue, confess, Lord


1 Fellowship and emotions (feelings)

2 Being likeminded

3 Dealing with strife, humility

4 Caring about others

5 Developing the mind of Christ

6 Jesus before Bethlehem

7 Humanity of Jesus

8 Need of the death of Jesus

9 Having an exalted name

10 The 3 realms of Jesus

11 Confession


1 What is the basis of our fellowship?

2 How can we be likeminded?

3 How can I be more humble?

4 List some ways to show genuine care and concern.

5 What would Jesus do?

6 Where was Jesus before Bethlehem?

7 List some ways Jesus was human.

8 Why did Jesus die?

9 Describe how Jesus' name is exalted.

10 Describe the three realms of Jesus.

11 Why is confession an important part of salvation?

Verses 12-18

5. The Ins and Outs of Christian Living



12 Obeyed, work, salvation, trembling

13 Will, pleasure

14 Murmuring, disputing

15 Blameless, harmless, rebuke, crooked, perverse, light

16 Holding, run, vain, labored

17 Sacrifice, service

18 Cause, joy, rejoice


12 Salvation by works

13 God's will in our lives

14 Stop complaining

15 Contrast to the world around us (wicked, perverse)

16 Laboring in vain

17 Sacrifice for the cause of Christ

18 Causes of rejoicing


12 Is salvation by works, faith, or both? Explain.

13 How does God accomplish his will?

14 What is the harm of murmuring?

15 How should be contrast with the world around us?

16 Is it possible to labor for God in vain?

17 Do Christians sacrifice today?

18 What makes us rejoice?

Verses 19-30

6. A Priceless Pair



19 Trust, comfort, state

20 Likeminded, naturally, care

21 Seek, own, things of Christ

22 Proof, served, gospel

23 Hope, soon

24 Trust, shortly

25 Necessary, brother, companion, fellowsoldier, messenger

26 Longed, heaviness, sick

27 Nigh, mercy, sorrow

28 Carefully, rejoice, less sorrowful

29 In the Lord, gladness, reputation

30 Regarding, supply, service


19 Knowing is comforting

20 Men of like mind

21 Selfishness of man

22 Father / son relationships

23 Ambassadors sent on a mission

24 Trust in God's will

25 Relationships in Christ (brother, companion, soldier)

26 Heavy hearted

27 Sickness / no miracle here

28 Reducing sorrow

29 How to receive a brother

30 Priority/importance (my life or yours)


19 How can we comfort people?

20 Think of someone you would trust with your possessions.

21 Do you think selfishness is a major problem today?

22 How was Paul a "father" to Timothy?

23 Discuss the great commission. Can we "send" someone?

24 How can we develop confidence in God?

25 Describe the relationships we have in Christ.

26 Is it OK to be sad, heavy hearted?

27 Why didn't Paul just heal him with a miracle?

28 How can our sorrow be reduced?

29 Should we pay attention to reputation?

30 Which is more important: my safety or God's work?

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Luscombe, Manly. "Commentary on Philippians 2". Luscombe's Commentary on Selected Books of the NT. https://studylight.org/commentaries/eng/mlc/philippians-2.html. 2021.
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