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the Third Week of Lent
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Philippians 1

Luscombe's Commentary on Selected Books of the NTLuscombe's NT Commentary

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Verses 1-11

1. How to Increase Your Joy



1 Servants, saints, bishops, deacons

2 Grace, peace

3 Thanks, remembrance

4 Prayer, request

5 Fellowship, gospel

6 Confident, perform

7 Meet, bonds, defence, confirmation, partakers

8 Record, bowels

9 Abound, knowledge, judgment

10 Excellent, sincere, offense

11 Filled, righteousness, glory, praise


1 Church organization and authority of bishops and deacons

2 Greetings and salutations - Commands or customs?

3. Gratitude, memory

4 Prayer is asking

5 Fellowship

6 Confidence

7 Meet for the master's use ( 2Ti_2:21 )

8 Bowels of mercy

9 Judging

10 Sincere

11 Fruit of righteousness


1 What authority do elders have in the local congregation?

2 Are we commanded to greet one another?

3 Why can we remember some things and not remember others?

4 Will God answer every request we make in prayer? Why or why not?

5 How can we have "fellowship in the gospel"?

6 How do we gain confidence?

7 Has the gospel been confirmed?

8 Where is the "seat of emotion" in our body?

9 In what ways does love grow?

10 How can you tell if one is a "phony"?

11 What are the fruits of a Christian?

Verses 12-26

2. Pioneers Wanted



12 Fallen out, futherance, gospel

13 Bonds, manifest, palace

14 Waxing, confident, bold, speak

15 Preach, envy, strife, good will

16 Contention, sincerely, affliction

17 Set, defense

18 Pretence, truth, rejoice

19 Salvation, supply

20 Earnest, expectation, ashamed, magnified

21 Live, die, gain

22 Flesh, labor, wot

23 Strait, depart, with Christ, far better

24 Needful

25 Abide, continue, faith

26 Abundant


12 When bad things happen

13 Everybody knows my problem

14 Confidence

15 Preaching Christ

16 Methods and attitudes in preaching

17 Gospel needs defending

18 Bad preaching can bring good results

19 God answers prayer

20 We must be bold in faith

21 Purpose of life

22 Difficult decisions, hard choices

23 Good, better, best

24 Serving others

25 Spiritual growth = joy of faith

26 Seek to spread joy to others


12 Why do bad things happen to us?

13 Do we stick our nose in other people's business?

14 How do we get more confidence?

15 What does it mean to preach Christ?

16 Has a sermon made you angry? Why?

17 Should we have religious debates?

18 Can God use my feeble efforts?

19 How does God answer our prayers?

20 Why are some Christians ashamed of the gospel?

21 Why are we here?

22 How do you make those tough choices?

23 How can death be "far better" than living?

24 Explain the difference between "need" and "want".

25 How can you tell if you are growing spiritually?

26 List some ways we could bring joy to others.

Verses 27-30

3. Battle Stations!



27 Conversation, becometh, affairs, stand fast, striving

28 Terrified, adversaries, perdition

29 Behalf, suffer, his sake

30 Conflict, saw, hear


27 Our conversation

28 Do not be afraid

29 Christians will suffer for Christ

30 All have these conflicts inside


27 What does your lifestyle say about your faith?

28 Why are we afraid of men?

29 Why is there suffering in the world?

30 How can we handle the conflicts in our lives?

Bibliographical Information
Luscombe, Manly. "Commentary on Philippians 1". Luscombe's Commentary on Selected Books of the NT. https://studylight.org/commentaries/eng/mlc/philippians-1.html. 2021.
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