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Ezekiel 37

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Verse 1

Spirit, by a divine impulse. He was not really removed. (Menochius) (Calmet) --- Bones. "This passage is very famous." (St. Jerome) --- It insinuates the liberation of the captives and of the Gentiles, as well as the mystery of the resurrection. (Worthington) --- If this were not to take place, it would not be adduced as a figure. (Tertullian) (St. Jerome)

Verse 5

Spirit. That is, life, soul, and breath. (Challoner) --- At the resurrection, the same souls shall return to their respective bodies.

Verse 7

Noise of the bones moving, which denotes the wars of Cyrus and the hurry of the nations to which he restored liberty.

Verse 9

Spirit; wind or soul. The latter animates the body, as the grace (Calmet) of the Holy Spirit does the soul. (Haydock)

Verse 11

Off, like branches. Notwithstanding these desponding thoughts, God will restore his people, (Worthington) by means of Cyrus. The grave is often put for punishment and grievous calamities, Osee vi. 3.

Verse 16

Associates. When Jeroboam caused the division, some of Israel adhered to Juda. The prophet glued the pieces of wood together, or engrafted them one into the other, to shew that all the people should be united, and the Jews and Gentiles concur to form one church. (Calmet) (Romans xi. 17.) --- Before the latter event took place God united the two kingdoms, to teach us that when we labour for the conversion of heretics, as in England, Catholics must first agree among themselves, that so all may more easily become one fold under one shepherd. (Worthington)

Verse 22

King. The Jews were long without kings, after the captivity; then they were not of the tribe of Juda, and all did not return. Christ fulfils the prediction.

Verse 23

Idols. The Jews, even many of the priests, worshipped them, under Antiochus. (Calmet) --- But the Church is never defiled. (Haydock)

Verse 24

David; Christ, the one shepherd, (John x.) over all nations. (Worthington) --- This cannot refer to Zorobabel, who was never king, nor perhaps even governor; as Sasabasar, who seems to have been a Persian, was appointed by Cyrus, 1 Esdras i. 8. --- Shepherd. David have been one. (Calmet) --- This title is more modest than that of king. (St. Jerome)

Verse 25

Ever. Let the Jews shew how this had been accomplished. We know that Christ preserves and rule his Church unto the end.

Verse 26

Peace. Can this regard the synagogue? Not a century passed without some flagrant misconduct, or chastisement. But our Saviour is the mediator of peace, Philippians iv. 7. (Calmet)

Verse 37


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