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2 Chronicles 1

Haydock's Catholic Bible CommentaryHaydock's Catholic Commentary

Verse 5

Sought it: went (Menochius) to offer sacrifice, (Tirinus) in the second year of his reign, the year before Christ 1013.

Verse 6

Victims. Hebrew, "holocausts," either with his own hand, or by the ministry of the priests. See 1 Kings xiii. 12. (Calmet)

Verse 7

Night, after the victims had been offered. On this occasion, Solomon made this prayer, and was heard, 3 Kings iii. 5. (Calmet)

Verse 10

People, as a king ought to do. (Menochius)

Verse 13

Before. Hebrew and Septuagint, "from before the tabernacle," which was at Gabaon. there was another at Jerusalem, where (Haydock) Solomon rendered homage to the Lord. (Calmet)

Verse 14

Chariots. See 3 Kings iv. 26. No king of Israel kept such a multitude of horses. (Calmet)

Verse 15

Sycamores are trees of small value, and not good for building. (Tirinus)

Verse 16

Coa may signify either some city, (Mariana) or an "exporium," where things are sold, as kuch means "a collection." (Tirinus) (3 Kings x. 28.) Neglecting the points of the Masorets, we may well understand Coa, a city of Egypt, or an island of the Mediterranean. The Masorets read Mikve, instead of Micoa. (Du Hamel)

Verse 30


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