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Everett's Study Notes on the Holy Scriptures

Job 39

Verses 1-30

God As Sustainer of Life on the Earth - In Job 38:39 to Job 39:30 God reveals Himself as the sustainer of all life on earth. Here is a proposed outline of this passage:

God Sustains the Lion Job 38:39-40

God Sustains the Raven Job 38:41

God Sustains the Wild Goats & Deer Job 39:1-4

God Sustains the Wild Donkey Job 39:5-8

God Sustains the Wild Ox Job 39:9-12

God Sustains the Ostrich Job 39:13-18

God Sustains the Horse Job 39:19-25

God Sustains the Hawk & Eagle Job 39:26-30

In this passage of Scripture God will describe the mysteries of nature. Modern science explains animal behaviour as an instinct with which all animals have at birth. Others call these mysteries “Mother Nature.” Actually, God is directing each animal’s behaviour upon earth.

Illustration - As young boys roaming the woods in Florida, we found a bird's nest with three small birds in it. It seems that they were either young mocking birds or blue jays. In our excitement we snatched them out of their nest and took them home to feed and raise them ourselves. Kids love pets. All three of us worked to feed them. Ants crawled on them. Then, Mom came and tried to help us out. Yet the four of us were not able to raise those three small birds. Unfortunately, these small birds died. God had equipped one little mother bird to do what three boys and a mom could not do.

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