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1 Samuel 24

Everett's Study Notes on the Holy ScripturesEverett's Study Notes

Verses 1-22

1 Samuel 24:6 And he said unto his men, The LORD forbid that I should do this thing unto my master, the LORD'S anointed, to stretch forth mine hand against him, seeing he is the anointed of the LORD.

1 Samuel 24:6 “he is the anointed of the LORD” - Comments - On a number of occasions, David used this term for King Saul. David was honouring the anointing of the Lord in this incident. David had this same anointing, and he knew how to protect it and give it first place in his life. David never wanted to fight against this anointing. This honour given to it was the reason that David was able to walk and live under the anointing. It was even transferred to his mighty men, since the anointing can be transferred.

1 Samuel 26:11, “The LORD forbid that I should stretch forth mine hand against the LORD'S anointed : but, I pray thee, take thou now the spear that is at his bolster, and the cruse of water, and let us go.”

1 Samuel 26:16, “This thing is not good that thou hast done. As the LORD liveth, ye are worthy to die, because ye have not kept your master, the LORD'S anointed . And now see where the king's spear is, and the cruse of water that was at his bolster.”

1 Samuel 26:23, “The LORD render to every man his righteousness and his faithfulness: for the LORD delivered thee into my hand to day, but I would not stretch forth mine hand against the LORD'S anointed .”

2 Samuel 1:14, “And David said unto him, How wast thou not afraid to stretch forth thine hand to destroy the LORD'S anointed ?”

2 Samuel 1:16, “And David said unto him, Thy blood be upon thy head; for thy mouth hath testified against thee, saying, I have slain the LORD'S anointed .”

1 Samuel 24:12 The LORD judge between me and thee, and the LORD avenge me of thee: but mine hand shall not be upon thee.

1 Samuel 24:12 Comments - Saul will soon fall in battle. David was prophesying under the anointing to bring judgment upon King Saul.

1 Samuel 24:17 And he said to David, Thou art more righteous than I: for thou hast rewarded me good, whereas I have rewarded thee evil.

1 Samuel 24:17 Comments - It appears that in this confession Saul acknowledges his sin and decrees his own judgment according to Proverbs 17:3, “Whoso rewardeth evil for good, evil shall not depart from his house.”

1 Samuel 24:22 And David sware unto Saul. And Saul went home; but David and his men gat them up unto the hold.

1 Samuel 24:22 Comments - King David would later find Saul’s remaining descendents and bless them.

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