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Garner-Howes Baptist Commentary

Psalms 110

Verses 1-7

Psalms 110

The Priest-King Pearl of Great Price

Scripture v. 1-7:

This is a Messianic Psalm. ft begins with the ascension of Jesus Christ, triumphant over death; It announces His eternal priesthood as an established certainty; It looks to the time of the return of Christ and the conversion of Israel; Last in order of the Messianic psalms, it foretells the final judgment of Gentile powers and establishment of the Messianic kingdom, with Christ as King Priest triumphant.

Verse 1 certifies the deity of Jesus as "Lord," raised up, exalted, by God the Father to sit at His own right hand, until the time when His enemies should be made His footstool, "Jehovah said to Adonai," Romans 8:11; Matthew 22:44; Mark 12:36; Acts 2:34; Hebrews 1:13; Hebrews 10:12-13. See also Deuteronomy 30:3; Isaiah 9:7; 1 Corinthians 15:25.

Verse 2 prophesies "The Lord shall send the rod of thy strength (the Messiah) out of Zion," the city of God, as a judgment rod, a "rod of slaughter," "the rod of his mouth," to punish and subdue His enemies, Jeremiah 48:17; Ezekiel 19:11-12; Isaiah 9:4; Isaiah 10:5; Isaiah 10:15; Isaiah 14:5; Ezekiel 7:11; Revelation 1:16; Revelation 2:27. He is directed "rule thou," not reign, but "lord it over," "Thine enemies," an imperative command, Psalms 2:6; Isaiah 2:3-4; Micah 4:2-3; Luke 1:32-33.

Verse 3 declares "Thy people (Israel) shall be willing in the day of thy power," as a people then consecrated to Him, of their freewill, Exodus 25:2; Exodus 35:29; Exodus 36:3; 1 Chronicles 29:14; 1 Chronicles 29:17; John 7:17; 2 Corinthians 8:12; Romans 11:2; Such shall be "in the beauties of holiness," in holy garments as worn by the priests, Leviticus 16:4; Psalms 29:2; Revelation 19:14. "From the womb of the morning," refers to the "dew of youth," a refreshing time and state, brought by the King of Glory, Acts 2:4; Micah 5:7; Job 38:8; Job 38:28-29.

Verse 4 asserts that the Lord (Jehovah God) "has sworn," irrevocably by oath, to His Son, "and will not repent," turn back, reverse Himself, or change His mind, Numbers 23:19; Zechariah 8:14. What He has certified by oath, to His Son is "Thou art (dost exist as) a priest for ever (an eternal priest) after or according to the order (rank) of Melchizedeck," Hebrews 5:6; Hebrews 6:20; Hebrews 7:21; Zechariah 6:1-15. Christ lives as Priest-King, interceding for His own today, Hebrews 7:25; 1 John 2:1-2.

Verse 5 declares "The Lord at thy right hand," Jesus Christ, the coming Messiah King, "shall strike Through kings (heathen kings) in the day of his wrath," to end "the tribulation the great," Revelation 6:17; Revelation 11:18.

Verse 6 adds that He shall judge among the heathen, fill the places (battlefields) with the dead bodies of Antichrist cohorts, and wound the head (rulers) over many (great) countries, as related Joshua 10:24; Revelation 13:14; Revelation 16:14; Revelation 17:12-14; Revelation 19:11-21; Psalms 111:6.

Verse 7 concludes "He shall drink of the brook in the way," as He pursues the heathen enemies with zealous pursuit, not turning aside to find a well, Isaiah 59:17; Isaiah 59:19; Judges 7:5-6; Job 21:20; Isaiah 61:1; John 3:31. Finally, it is asserted, He shall "lift up the head," in triumph, complete victory, Isaiah 53:12; John 19:30. He shall be exalted, in contrast with His former humiliation, Psalms 109:22-25; Philippians 2:5-11.

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Garner, Albert & Howes, J.C. "Commentary on Psalms 110". Garner-Howes Baptist Commentary. 1985.