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Exodus 11

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Verses 1-3


Verses 1-3:

These verses are parenthetical, inserted between Ex 10:29 and 11:4 to show that the time had arrived for Jehovah to fulfill His word when He appeared to Moses in Horeb, Ex 3:20, 22. One more plague or "stroke" would smite Egypt. This would be of such a nature as to cause Pharaoh to let Israel (literally), "go altogether, he will assuredly thrust you out hence."

In Ex 3:20, God mentioned only the women. Here He includes the men in His instructions, to borrow whatever they could from the Egyptians. Some have charged this was dishonest; that Israel had no intention of paying back what they had borrowed. This was not dishonest. It was merely God’s way of assuring that Israel was paid in full for the work they had done in Egypt and for which they had never received wages.

God moved in the hearts of the Egyptians to show sympathy and high regard for the Israelites.

The mighty powers which Moses had demonstrated before Pharaoh had won for him a high reputation among the Egyptians. While Pharaoh angrily drove Moses away with a threat of death, Pharaoh’s servants had high regard for him.

This demonstrates the power of God, to bring His people into favor of the authorities, to accomplish His purpose, see Pr 21:1.

Verses 4-8

Verses 4:8:

"And Moses said," his closing words to Pharaoh, in this speech, he declares Jehovah’s mandate of the death of the firstborn in Egypt. This included all from Pharaoh’s own house to the lowest slave, as well as the firstborn of the animals. But among the Israelites, not even a dog would bark against them.

Moses further promised that Pharaoh’s servants would bow before him, and beg him to leave and take all Israel with him. Then, in righteous anger he left the palace for the last time. (See Eph 4:26, 27; Ps 7:11-13.)

Verses 9-10

Verses 9, 10:

God had forewarned Moses of Pharaoh’s obstinacy. If Pharaoh had heeded Jehovah’s word and submitted to His authority, the "wonders" God showed in Egypt would have been necessary. But the more Pharaoh resisted, the more God showed His power.

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Garner, Albert & Howes, J.C. "Commentary on Exodus 11". Garner-Howes Baptist Commentary. 1985.