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Exodus 11

Morgan's Exposition on the Whole BibleMorgan's Exposition

Verses 1-10

In this brief chapter we have the most solemn account of communion between Jehovah and His servant Moses. Pharaoh had rejected God finally, and God had now finally rejected Pharaoh. Jehovah now announced that He Himself would come with the actual stroke of final punishment. He had sent His messengers, Moses and Aaron, and His ministers, blood, and frogs, and lice; flies, and murrain, and boils; hail, and locusts, and darkness. He had waited patiently for the effect of the plagues, allowing time for Pharaoh to relent and repent, all without producing any effect other than determined and willful and insolent opposition. The time for remedy had passed and now, as an avenging angel, He would Himself pass through the land. In this hour of communion Jehovah's final determination was indicated to Moses, and by him to the Hebrew people, in order to prepare for their departure according to the will and claim of God.

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