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Numbers 29

Morgan's Exposition on the Whole BibleMorgan's Exposition

Verses 1-40

Continuing the laws concerning the feasts as they governed the year, the celebrations of the autumn were next dealt with. Three feasts are mentioned -First, the feast of Trumpets (verses Num 29:1-6 ), then the great day of Atonement (verses Num 29:7-11 ), and, finally, more particularly described here than any of the others or than elsewhere, the feast of Tabernacles (verses Num 29:12-40 ).

A study of these arrangements will show again how the increase in sacrifices noticed from the daily offering to the monthly is yet more remarkably manifest in these annual festivals.

Thus the whole year was covered and conditioned by these solemn religious rites and ceremonies. Every day as it broke and passed, every week as it began, every month as it opened, every year both as it commenced and closed was sealed with the sacred matters which ever spoke to the people of the relation they bore to God, as based on sacrifice and expressing itself in service.

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