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Ezekiel 10

Morgan's Exposition on the Whole BibleMorgan's Exposition

Verses 1-22

The prophet next described the process of judgment. First, a preliminary vision was granted to him. The man with the inkhorn who had passed through the midst of the city, setting his mark on the sighing and crying men, was commanded to pass in between the whirling wheels and gather coals of fire in his hand and scatter them over the city.

Then appeared the glory of Jehovah over the threshold of the house, and the sound of the wings of the cherubim was heard. Visions of the glory of God, similar to those which the prophet had seen by the Chebar, now were granted to him, but they were viewed as having close association with the process of judgment, which he was about to describe. The man who gathered his fire to scatter on Jerusalem went into the midst of these wheels,

and the visible glory of Jehovah as it departed from the threshold was closely associated with the wheels and the cherubim. The whole of the vision of the glory of God moved from the inner court of the Temple beyond the eastern gate of its outer court.

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