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Ezekiel 10

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Ezekiel 10:12

In chapter xlvii. of Alec Forbes, George Macdonald makes a young girl ask an old blind woman whether God might not cure her of her blindness if she asked Him. 'Ay micht He, and ay will He,' answered Tibbie,' I'm only jist bidin' His time. But I'm thinkin' He'll cure me better yet nor He cured that blin' man. He'll jist tak' the body aff o' me a'thegither, and syne I'll see, no wi' een like yours, but wi' my haill speeritual body. Ye min' that verse i' the Prophecees o' Ezakiel: I ken't weel by hert. It says: "And their whole boady, and their backs, and their han's, and their wings, and their wheels, were full o' eyes roon aboot, even the wheels that they four had." Isna that a gran' text?... The wheels'll be stopping at my door or lang.'

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Ezekiel 10:16-17

We have more than enough of systems, of machinery, which, whether more or less perfect, will not go of itself. We may have done all that of ourselves we can do, and the moving spirit may yet be wanting. The spirit of the living creature is in the wheels.

Dora Greenwell.

Ezekiel 10:18

The thought that there are crises in a nation's history, where the voice of an invisible Lord is heard from its inmost sanctuary, pronouncing the awful words, 'Let us depart hence,' comes to us overloaded with symbolism and muffled in its imagery. Yet the imagery is itself full of meaning, forcing us to realize the way in which the civilization of Babylon had already impressed the imagination of the Prophet, and as it were stolen into the background of the distant temple so soon to be laid in ruins. This gorgeous heathen civilization has no attraction for his heart, yet it colours his imagination.

Miss Wedgwood, Message of Israel, p. 229.

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