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1 Samuel 21

Morgan's Exposition on the Whole BibleMorgan's Exposition

Verses 1-15

Under such trying stress, the land itself seemed too hot to hold David, and he takes refuge in flight. The story of his period of exile, with its varied experiences, follows. His movements during this time were characterized sometimes by faith and sometimes by fear.

He first found his way to the city of the priests, where Ahimelech fed him with the shewbread, the justification of which, interestingly enough, was declared long after by our Lord Himself in the days of His ministry. David's going to Ahimelech, although an exile, was an action of faith.

We next find him at Gath among the Philistines, with Achish their king. It is impossible to read this without feeling how unworthy a picture he presents. Whereas it is easy to understand his state of mind at the time, it remains true that the picture of God's anointed reduced to the necessity of feigning madness to protect himself is full of sadness. It affords a perpetual warning against the folly of taking refuge from peril among those who are the enemies of God.

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