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Verse 1

Luke 19:1

See Topic Notes "Sermons_Gann" for a sermon on


Zacchaeus, the man who wanted to see Jesus.

Verse 11

Luke 19:11

spake a parable ... The background for giving this parable is given.

Purpose: to show that the kingdom was not political or material.

Verse 12

Luke 19:12

Psalms 24:1 refers to the asension of Christ.

V. 12 is Like somewhat historically to Archaelaus, Luke 19:12, Luke 19:14, Luke 19:27; the son of Herod the Great who succeeded him as king but was removed by the Roman in AD 9 for his violence and mistreatment. A delegation of Jews went to Rome to partition his removal, and many of them were slaughtered when they returned to Judea. Also sSee other of Jesus’ historical parable.

Jesus sometimes spoke of current and historical events, cf. Luke 13:2; Luke 13:4; and geographical features, as in Matthew 5:14 where he seems to refer to Hippos, a city on a hill on the east side of the Sea of Galilee.

Verse 16

Luke 19:16

The "pound" earned more, not the person.

Verse 17

Luke 19:17

The law of growth - we must use what we have.

Verse 22

Luke 19:22

Escuses are an expression of an attitude.

you knew ... The man knew what was expected of him.

Verse 27

Luke 19:27

I should reign ... Some still don’t want the Lord to reign over them.

Verse 31

Luke 19:31

the Lord ... Emphasis is on His authority, that is enought; Luke 19:34 They obeyed.

Verse 35

Luke 19:35

Luke 19:35-36 The people’s sacifices

Verse 38

Luke 19:38

The multitude are quoting Psalms 118:26 but it is modified. This is part of the Hallel (praise) psalms (Psalms 113-118) that were traditionally quoted to pilgrims entering Jerusalem during the Passover season.

peace ... 2 Samuel 7:12 ff. The crowd saw a throne, but Jesus saw a cross. "Peace" on earth must have its origin in heaven.

John 12:16-19, Even Jesus’ disciples did not understand.

Verse 41

Luke 19:41

beheld the city ... Jerusalem was an important city to Christ and his disciploes. see. v.42

Verse 42

Luke 19:42

thy day ... Speaking of Jerusalem

1) last day was prophesided

2) Followd false hopes

3) occasioned a false sense of peace

are hid ... Jerusalem did not recognize the day of the Lord’s visitation Luke 19:44

Verse 43

Luke 19:43

trench about thee ... The idea is a "barrier", an embankment, barricade. This is just the way the Romans did it in AD 70. They "fenced" Jerusalem in and captured everyone seeking to escape the city.

Luke 21:22 AD 70, and God’s vengenance on Jerusalem was the consequence of their rejection of Christ.

Verse 44

Luke 19:44

time of visitation ... Jerusalem fall to the Romans in AD 70 was tied to their rejection of the Christ.

Verse 47

Luke 19:47

Luke 19:47-48 The Jewish leaders plans were temporally frustrated.

Verse 48

Luke 19:48

And could not ... the plans of the chief priests and scribes are frustrated. God’s providence, til the time was ripe!

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Gann, Windell. "Commentary on Luke 19". Gann's Commentary on the Bible. 2021.