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Dunagan's Commentary on the Bible

Job 25

Verse 1

Bildad's brief speech of six verses reveals that he is running out of material!

Verse 2

25:2 Bildad does not respond to Job's arguments but rather asserts that God alone is Lord, and He should be respected, and He has established harmony and order in the heavens.

Verse 3

25:3 The forces that are at God's disposal are limitless (angelic armies?), and His light, either the sun and or His omniscience illuminates everything on the earth, thus He sees all.

Verse 4

25:4 Once again the theme is introduced (4:17-18; 15:14-16), that man cannot possibly be pure in God's sight.

Verse 5

25:5 Even the glorious heavenly bodies such as the moon and the stars, when compared to God are not bright or pure.

Verse 6

25:6 By contrast, man is far smaller than the moon or the stars, and is like a maggot or worm in God's sight. This entire speech seems designed to humiliate Job. Therefore, no man should ever be so brash to assert his innocence before God. "Certainly no 'worm' should argue with God about his integrity or seek self-vindication" (Strauss p. 253). Job would agree that God is great and that man is to be humble. Yet, man isn't worthless (Psalm 8:3ff). This speech doesn't help Job, for he is seeking vindication and not purification. He is already innocent.

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