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Bible Commentaries

Darby's Synopsis of the New Testament

Exodus 21

1:1 with (a-22) Lit. 'the man and.'

Verse 1

21:1 judgments (a-5) Fixed ordinances.

Verse 3

21:3 alone, (b-5) Lit. 'with his body.'

Verse 4

21:4 alone. (b-31) Lit. 'with his body.'

Verse 6

21:6 judges, (c-9) Lit. elohim . so ch. 22.8,9, &c. See John 10:34 ,John 10:35 , and Psalms 82:1 ,Psalms 82:6 .

Verse 8

21:8 unacceptable (d-4) Lit. 'evil.'

Verse 19

21:19 time, (e-28) Lit. 'his sitting still.'

Verse 22

21:22 delivered, (f-16) Lit. 'her children go forth.'

Verse 31

21:31 judgment (a-13) Or 'ordinance.'

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Darby, John. "Commentary on Exodus 21". "John Darby's Synopsis of the New Testament". 1857-67.