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1 Samuel 7

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1:1 Ephrathite. (e-34) Or 'Ephraimite,' the Levites being considered as belonging to the tribe in which they lived. see Judges 17:7 .

Verse 1

7:1 hill, (c-24) Or 'at Gibeah.'

Verse 2

7:2 long; (d-19) Lit. 'the days were many.'

Verse 12

7:12 Shen, (a-12) Or 'the rock;' lit. 'tooth.' see ch. 14.4. ('sharp'), 5. Eben-ezer, (b-19) See ch. 4.1.

Bibliographical Information
Darby, John. "Commentary on 1 Samuel 7". "John Darby's Synopsis of the New Testament". 1857-67.