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Bible Commentaries

Dummelow's Commentary on the Bible

Mark 14

Verses 1-72

The Last Supper. Arrest and Trial of Jesus

1, 2. A council of the Priests against Jesus (Matthew 26:1; Luke 22:1). See on Mt.

3-9. The anointing at Bethany (Matthew 26:6; John 12:1). See on Mt and Jn.

10, 11. Judas betrays Jesus (Matthew 26:14; Luke 22:3). See on Mt.

12-16. Preparations for the Last Supper (Matthew 26:17; Luke 22:7). See on Mt.

17-26. The Last Supper (Matthew 26:20; Luke 22:14; John 13-17; 1 Corinthians 11:23). See on Mt, Lk, Jn, 1 Cor.

24. The new testament] RV ’the covenant.’ RM ’Some ancient authorities insert new.’

27-31. Jesus foretells Peter’s denial. See on Matthew 26:31, where the other references are given.

30. Before the cock crow twice] ’Twice’ is omitted by important ancient authorities, and is open to some doubt. The other three evangelists speak of only one crowing of the cock.

32-42. Agony in Gethsemane (Matthew 26:36; Luke 22:40: cp. John 18:1). See on Mt.

36. Abba] Aramaic for ’father.’ Peculiar to Mk.

43-50. Arrest of Jesus (Matthew 26:47; Luke 22:47; John 18:2). See on Mt and Jn.

51, 52. The young man who followed. The incident being peculiar to St. Mark, and a quite unimportant one, it is often supposed by modern commentators that the young man was the evangelist himself. Mark’s mother certainly lived in Jerusalem (Acts 12:12). Other conjectures are St. John, James the Lord’s brother, or a resident in the house where the last supper had been eaten.

51. A linen cloth] probably a night-dress, but J. Lightfoot thinks that it was a tallith: (i.e. the large or synagogue tallith: see on Matthew 23:5), which the young man, for ascetic purposes, wore as his only garment.

53-65. Trial of Jesus (Matthew 26:57; Luke 22:54, Luke 22:66). See on Mt and John 18:12.

58. I will destroy] Clearly the accusation was that Jesus had plotted to burn or otherwise destroy the Temple. Much less satisfactory is St. Matthew’s version, ’I am able to destroy the Temple.’ The words, ’that is made without hands,’ and ’another made without hands,’ are peculiar to Mk. Westcott and Hort give in their margin the remarkable reading, ’but in three days I will effect the resurrection of another (Temple) made without hands.’ See on Matthew 26:61; John 2:19

66-72. Peter denies Jesus (Matthew 26:69; Luke 22:55; John 18:15, John 18:25). See on Mt and Jn.

68. And the cock crew] Omitted by important ancient authorities, and rejected as an interpolation by Westcott and Hort and RM. See on Mark 14:30.

72. The second time] Omitted by important ancient authorities; bracketed by Swete: see on Mark 14:30.

When he thought thereon] An expression of uncertain meaning, but the AV is probably right. Other interpretations:—’having covered his head’ (Theophylact, Field), ’he began to weep’; ’he wept vehemently’; ’when he had set his eyes on Jesus, he wept’; ’when he had rushed outside, he wept.’

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