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Hosea 14

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Verses 1-9

Israel will Surely Repent and be Forgiven

Hosea makes a touching final appeal for repentance. He assures Israel of God’s mercy, and closes with a description of the blessings that will follow the renewal of His favour.

2. Take.. words] go to Him, prepared to confess your sins. Receive us graciously] RV ’accept that which is good,’ i.e. what is good in us, in contrast to the iniquity which God is asked to take away. Render] i.e. offer. The calves.. lips] better, ’our lips as bullocks’—that sacrifice of penitence which is outwardly expressed not in the sacrifice of animals, but in confession of sin: cp. Psalms 51:17.

3. Israel would no longer depend upon the help either of foreign powers or of the idols, but trust in Jehovah, the helper of the fatherless.

5. Dew] a frequent metaphor to express spiritual blessing: cp. Deuteronomy 32:2. The paucity of rain made the land dependent on frequent and heavy dews: cp. 1 Kings 17:1. Grow] RV ’blossom.’

6. Olive] the emblem of fatness and fertility.

8. This v. passes into a sort of dialogue between Ephraim and God. Thus:

Ephraim. What have I to do any more with idols? i.e. I will in future have nothing more to do with them.

Jehovah. (RV) ’I have answered, and will regard him,’ i.e. I have heard his prayer, and will answer it.

Ephraim. I am like a green fir tree] I am strong and prosperous.

Jehovah. From me is thy fruit found, i.e. do not in prosperity once more forget that it comes from Me: cp. John 15:4.

9. A general reflection on the teaching of the book, which cannot be understood except by the wise and prudent, but in the end will be found to be true wisdom: cp. Psalms 107:43. This epilogue may have been added at a later date, to point the moral of the whole book.

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