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Bible Commentaries

Dummelow's Commentary on the Bible

1 Chronicles 16

Verses 1-43

The Celebration of the Event

Only the first three vv. and the last v. of this chapter are derived from 2 Samuel 6:17-20, the rest, describing the musical arrangements, being new.

7. Delivered first, etc.] RV ’did.. first ordain to give thanks unto the Lord, by the hand of’: i.e. the appointment of Asaph and his brethren to have charge of the singing dated from the day when the ark was brought to Jerusalem. The psalm that follows consists of Psalms 105:1-15; Psalms 96:1-13; Psalms 106:1, Psalms 106:47-48; The last section (1 Chronicles 16:35) seems to reflect the conditions of the exile.

22. Mine anointed] i.e. my chosen, the allusion being to the patriarchs: see Genesis 12:17; Genesis 20:3-7.

29. The beauty of holiness] RM ’in holy array’: i.e. in sacred vestments.

35. And say ye] a liturgical direction which does not occur in Psalms 106:47.

38. With their brethren] probably the name of ’Hosah’ has been lost after Obededom.

Also] better, ’even Obededom.’

39. The high place.. Gibeon] This has been mentioned previously in 1 Kings 3:4, but the presence there of the Tabernacle is here referred to for the first time.

40. The altar] This was the altar at Gibeon; there was another before the ark at Jerusalem.

41. Jeduthun] perhaps the same as the ’Ethan’ of 1 Chronicles 15:17. Asaph seems to have attended upon the ark at Jerusalem (1 Chronicles 16:37), whilst Heman and Jeduthun served at Gibeon.

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