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Bible Commentaries

Dummelow's Commentary on the Bible

1 Chronicles 15

Verses 1-29

The transport of the Ark to Jerusalem

This chapter is parallel to 2 Samuel 6:12-23, but contains much new matter respecting the Levites who bare the ark, and the singers.

1. Pitched for it a tent] According to 1 Chronicles 16:39 the Mosaic tabernacle still existed, but the ark, since its capture by the Philistines, had not rested in it, and a new tent was now substituted to contain it.

4. The children of Aaron] i.e. the priests.

13. After the due order] It is implied “that the conveyance of the ark in the manner described in chapter 13 was irregular.

16. To be the singers] Singing had accompanied the ark on the first occasion (1 Chronicles 13:8), but the musical arrangements were now committed exclusively to the Levites who subsequently had charge of the music of the Temple services: 1 Chronicles 23:5; 2 Chronicles 5:12; 2 Chronicles 7:6.

18. Ben] The word means’ son of,’ and the name of Zechariah’s father has probably been lost. The word does not occur in the corresponding lists in 1 Chronicles 15:20, 1 Chronicles 16:5. The porters] This applies only to Obededom and Jeiel.

20, 21. Alamoth.. Sheminith to excel] see Psalms 46, 12 for meaning of these musical terms.

22. Was for song] RM ’the carrying,’ i.e. of the ark.

24. Trumpets] made of metal and straight in shape, whereas the ’cornets’ of 1 Chronicles 15:28 were of rams’ horns and curved in shape. Jehiah] The Jeiel of 1 Chronicles 15:18.

26. When God helped] The fact that the ark was now moved without disaster indicated that God’s favour was attending those who carried it.

27. The master of the song] better, ’the chief for carrying’ (the ark): cp. 1 Chronicles 15:22. The addition with the singers is probably an interpolation.

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