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1 Chronicles 11

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Verses 1-47

David’s Coronation at Hebron and his Capture of Zion

The writer, though mentioning David’s crowning at Hebron, omits all description of his 7 years’ reign there, and in this chapter unites with some variations and additions two sections of 2 S, viz. 2 Samuel 5:1-10 and 2 Samuel 23:8-39.

6. So Joab, etc.] This is an addition to the account in 2 Samuel 5:8.

10. Strengthened themselves] better, ’exerted themselves.’

11. The chief of the captains] another reading is ’chief of the thirty’: cp. 1 Chronicles 11:15. Three hundred] 2 Samuel 23:8 has ’eight hundred,’ which is preferable as representing Jashobeam’s prowess as greater than Abishai’s: 2 Samuel 23:20.

12. The three mighties] The third, not here mentioned, was Shammah (2 Samuel 23:11), to whom 2 Samuel 23:13 (last-half) and 14 refer (where ’they,’ ’themselves,’ ’them’ should be ’he,’ ’himself,’ ’him’).

18. The host of the Philistines] i.e. the outpost at Bethlehem (1 Chronicles 11:16), not the camp in the valley of Rephaim, which was N. of Bethlehem.

20. Chief of the three] It is difficult to make out the relations between this three, the ’three’ of 1 Chronicles 11:12, and the ’thirty’ of 1 Chronicles 11:15 and 1 Chronicles 11:25 and there is probably some corruption.

25. Honourable among] RV ’more honourable than.’

47. Mesobaite] This should perhaps be corrected into from Zobah.’ It is noteworthy that this list of David’s ’valiant men’ contains several non-Israelites: 1 Chronicles 11:39, 1 Chronicles 11:41, 1 Chronicles 11:46.

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