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Song of Solomon 2

Verses 1-17

  1. Intro:
    1. What was your 1st date like? Or, the 1st few months?
      1. Kelly & my 1st date – Sea Fare Inn. {butter, zipper, trip}
      2. Just hearing their voice on the phone (SDSU).
      3. Commitment – Courtship – Kind words – thoughts of romantic love?
    1. COMPARISONS! (2:1-3)
    2. (1) How many have heard this in reference to Jesus?
      1. Think of any songs calling Christ the “Rose of Sharon” or the “Lily of the Valley”?
      2. It’s actually speaking of the Shulamite. (esp. see next verse/comparison)
      3. Rose – Meadow saffron or Crocus. Narcissus, Iris, daffodil.
      4. Lily (shushan) A garden flower.
        1. Solomon had made 7’ capitols on top of his 2 pillars in front of the Temple, which were in the shape of lilies.
      5. She’s saying, “I’m just a common flower!”
    3. (2) “Baby, you’re the top flower in my Greenhouse!” – “You’re like a White Pearl in an ugly Oyster!” - “You’re like a Lily among a bunch of thorns!”
      1. ​​​​​​​The daughters say, “Hey, wait a minute?”
    4. (3) She compliments him in a similar way.
      1. Out of 117 verses of this song 55 are clearly her speaking, & another 19 are probably hers.
        1. It is the responsibility of both to be romantic & “Say it w/Love!”
      2. She said, “Solomon compared to others…you win hands down.”
        1. Ladies do you build up your men like this? – They can go along way.
        2. Men do you stand out like an apple tree in a forest. – Bearing fruit in your life? – What tree would she liken you unto?
    5. I HEAR WEDDING BELLS! (4-7)
    6. (4,5) She now anticipates her wedding night & consummating the marriage.
      1. She does have a strong desire for her husband.
      2. She revels in his love for her!
      3. Banqueting house – House of wine (bet-ha-iine)
        1. Most see it as a reference to the bridal chamber.
      4. Banner – A “standard” or a “sign”.
        1. Often times during a battle an infantry will carry in their infantry’s logo & motto on a banner.
        2. We proudly display them on the sidelines of the soccer field.
        3. She said that Solomon’s banner was just one word… “L.O.V.E.”
        4. Boyfriends…what would your girlfriend say your banner reads?
          1. L.U.S.T.? - His Career? – Sports? – LOVE?
          2. If you couldn’t pick love, what other word or phrase would youpick to be your baner.
        5. Girlfriends …what would your boyfriend say your banner reads?
        6. Christian what would Jesus’ banner read that he’s placed over you?
    7. (6) This is very poetic & quite sensual…flat out steamy.
      1. Again this is in her mind, not happening.
      2. But note guys, the sexual act isn’t for himself, but he’s sensitive to her desires!
    8. (7) Another defense for marital love(2:7; 8:4) – another statement warning against pre-marital & extramarital sex.
      1. Don’t arouse yourself or someone else until it is time for that passion to be satisfied.
      2. Why? Because feelings of love can create intimacy that over powers reason!
    9. SPRING IS IN THE AIR! (8-17)
    10. (8) Spring arrives & brings the blossoming of their love & longing.
      1. Voice – Remember just to hear her/his voice? (H.S. Kel had a lil lisp, was soo cute)
        1. The telephone calls, could talk for hours!
      2. Note – he’s enthusiastic in his coming!
        1. Leaping & Skipping – not slowly walking asking himself…“Is this the right thing?” – But running to get there!
        2. Q: Do you look forward to getting home? Or, do you find excuses to stay at work, or at a friends?
    11. (9) She’s a Filly(1:9) he’s a Gazelle!
      1. Gazelle – like a deer, runs swiftly, most graceful, (mentioned 7 times).
      2. Young Stag – full grown gazelle in the prime of life & strength.
      3. Q: Men would you be likened unto a Gazelle or a Bull in a China Shop? A Gazelle or a Gorilla?
      4. (9b) A peeping tom? – No, intently looking for her…not checking her out.
    12. (10) He asks her out! (repeat in 13)
      1. He doesn’t barge in & demand his won way & rights. He is gentle & loving, & in the end quite persuasive!
      2. * This kind of sounds like the Rapture also!
    13. Let’s talk about Dating/Courtship! {define}
      1. Not all cultures handle the same way.
        1. No exact biblical way is given to date/court, but biblical wisdom is throughout the book to keep you pure!
      2. Let’s look at some keys!
      3. [1] Date/Court “Towards Marriage”!
        1. Can you come up with a good reason to Date if it isn’t to go towards marriage?
        2. I don’t mean you have to be engaged the 1st time you go out to dinner.
        3. Junior High parents it is dumb to let your children have boyfriend/girlfriend relationships, let alone encourage them?
          1. What possible good is this for them? They’re just gettinghormones, they don’t even know what to do w/them.
          2. They aren’t going to marry the person the date in Jn.high.
      4. [2] Stages - For safety sake!
        1. Get to know her/him in groups; then w/ other couples; then as a couple when your engaged(but set up good perimeters).
      5. [3] Take Time to get to know the person!
        1. Too short…too dangerous. Yes, some make it, but most have such a hard go at it.
          1. It is easy to Fall in Love – But will they Grow in Love?
        2. “Till death do us part” God takes seriously!
        3. Real practical - Personally I think it’s necessary to have had a good fight & hit all the holidays. (too practical?)
        4. Learn their character, friends, family, habits, & goals!
        5. Learn how they will treat you later on down the line.
        6. Q: Do they show respect & responsibility? Is there yes, yes? On time? Financial habits?
      6. [3] Stages - For safety sake!
        1. Get to know her/him in groups; then w/ other couples; then as a couple when your engaged(but set up good perimeters).
      7. [4] Date w/o sexual involvement
        1. ​​​​​​​Sex confuses things. – You don’t need to “try the person out”(which is the worlds philosphy)
      8. [5] Grow spiritually together.
        1. Don’t wait until your married thinking you’ll then have time to pray & do devotions together!
    14. (11-13) Note, there is timing involved with this.
      1. Winter is over, Spring’s in the air!
      2. I just picture Thumper running out all twitter-patted after I read this.
    15. (14) Seems to jump to Solomon speaking here (“your” is in the feminine)
    16. (15) The little foxes would come & eat the low hanging tender grapes as they harvested.
      1. Tender grapes – or young relationships can be easily hurt!
      2. This urges diligence in dealing w/those things that can harm the relationship.
      3. It can also be interpreted “Let us catch the foxes” – Speaking of a mutual decision to protect their relationship.
      4. Q: What lil foxes are spoiling your vine?
        1. These lil foxes are the kind of problems that can disturb or destroy a relationship.
        2. Temecula Vineyards are getting wiped out this year because of a tinny-tiny insect.
        3. It is often the little foxes that cause the biggest problems!
    17. (16,17) Reaffirmation of love & exclusive commitment!
      1. Engagement, commitment, loyalty to one.
      2. He seems to leave for a time. Remember to give your partner some room. Being willing to release them to do their work & ministry.
      3. She seems to be a little anxious over him leaving.
      4. Gazelle? or Gorilla?
      5. Young Stag skipping & leaping? Or, elephant, stomping & smashing?
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