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the First Week of Advent
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Psalms 46

Bell's Commentary on the BibleBell's Commentary

Verses 1-11

  1. Intro:
    1. Observations:
      1. Written by: the sons of Korah.
      2. Alamoth? – Prob. A musical term.
        1. (Strongs) the soprano or female voice, or perhaps falsetto.
      3. Note: “Refuge” in beginning, middle, & end. – 3 stanzas.
        1. Note Selah/pause.
        2. Also we see: The Individual(1-3); The City(4-7); The Nation(8-11).
      4. Theme: the Security of Gods people.
  2. HE IS OUR REFUGE! (1-3)
    1. What assurance, He’ll take care of all our problems & fears.
      1. He’s our refuge…He’ll Hide us.
        1. Lit. “A place to go quietly for protection.” (Phillips)
      2. He’s our strength…He’ll Help us.
        1. These 2 go together like bacon & eggs.
    2. There are times in our lives where we need a hiding place/a refuge.
      1. It is ok to hide – we jus can’t stay hidden.
      2. Example: In a battle scene, it is ok to dig a foxhole for cover, but you shouldn’t just bury yourself out of fear.
      3. Example: Storm out at sea. You can run down below to warm up your hands, drink some coffee, but you must get back up on deck to care for the ship.
      4. The key isn’t escapism but rejuvenation.
    3. “trouble” = “in tight places”.
      1. Q: Are you in a tight place today? – Run to Jesus, not to escape, but to receive strength to get back to face your problem or fear.
    4. Result? - Therefore we will not fear!
    5. Our Refuge is Personal(1a) – “God is our refuge…”
    6. Our Refuge is Powerful(1b) – “God is our…strength”
    7. Our Refuge is Permanent(2,3) –
      1. Amidst all the “change” that might befall us…No Fear!
    8. Interesting: The pagans make their gods; their gods do not make them. They carry their gods; their gods do not carry them. They protect their gods; their gods do not protect them. They sacrifice to their gods; their gods do not sacrifice to them.
      1. On the other hand our God…made us, carries us, & sacrificed Himself for us!
  3. HE IS OUR RIVER! (4-7)
    1. Jerusalem lacked a river but God was willing to become all that a river could be & more.
      1. Your deficiencies give more room for Gods All-Sufficiency!
    2. He also is our River, so we need not faint.
      1. Water is very critical there in the Holy land.
      2. Jerusalem is one of the ancient cities not founded on a river.
        1. It wasn’t until Hezekiah dug his famous tunnel that Jerusalem had a water source within the walls. {The spring of Gihon, in the Kidron valley, Hez. Diverted through a 1777’ long conduit, hewn out of solid rock, into a reservoir inside the city walls.}
      3. Jerusalem is not near a river, it has a River!
    3. (5b) Your sorrow is limited to a single night!
      1. “God shall help her, just at the break of dawn.”
      2. Lam. 3:22,23 “Through the Lord's mercies we are not consumed, Because His compassions fail not. They are new every morning; Great is Your faithfulness.”
    4. (7) He is the Lord of the armies. – Emmanuel…God w/us!
  4. HE IS OUR GOD! (8-11)
    1. ​​​​​​​(10) “be still” = take your hands off. (www)
      1. So often we want to manipulate & control.
      2. To remain still seems to go against human nature.
      3. “Faith is living w/o scheming.”
      4. “Be still, O troubled heart! The God of the nations is your Father!” (F.B.Meyer)
      5. 1st trust in His person(10a); then trust in His plan(10b)!
      6. We must learn to say an emphatic “No” to some of the demands made upon us.
      7. Q: Do you have any time to “be still” in the presence of God?
        1. Ok…how much this last week?
        2. Are you the type He has to “force” to be still?
    2. This was Martin Luther’s favorite Psalm.
      1. From it penned “A Mighty Fortress is our God”.
        1. Quote it.
        2. One of the important benefits of the Reformation Movement was the rediscovery of congregational singing.
      2. During the sitting of the Diet of Augsburg he sang it every day. Playing his lute standing at the window & looking up to heaven.
      3. This hymn became the battle cry of the people, a great source of strength & inspiration even for those who were martyred for their convictions.
      4. The 1st line of this popular hymn is inscribed on his tomb & may still be read today in Wittenberg.
      5. It was also an inspiration for Horatio Spafford’s, “It is well with my Soul”.
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