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Bible Commentaries

Bell's Commentary on the Bible

Obadiah 1

Verses 1-21

  1. Intro:
    1. India update:
      1. Show - Map of India(where we went)
      2. Explain - 2 washing machines in Texas.
      3. Show – Power point.
    2. Why the Minor Prophets?
      1. In the Hebrew bible the minor prophets were combined into 1 book, called “The 12” because of their brevity.
      2. What does “Minor” mean?
        1. Minor only in the sense of being shorter than such prophecies as Isaiah & Jeremiah.
        2. Their message is surely not less important.
        3. They were Minor Prophets preaching a major message.
        4. They were small in size but big in truth.
      3. The Order of the Minor Prophets?
        1. They are not arranged in chronological order.
        2. No one is certain what determined their order in the canon.
        3. Show – chart (chronological order)
    3. Here’s what we want to look for in each book, each chapter…a three-fold lesson:
      1. (1) Historical - each of the prophets preached and wrote to meet an immediate need in the lives of the people;
        (2) Prophetical - each prophet illustrates or announces something about Israel’s future, in judgment or in restoration;
        (3) Practical - the sins of the nations in that day are with us today, and there are many practical lessons for us to learn from these books. (Warren Wiersbe; Outlines Minor Prophet intro)
    4. Obadiah:
      1. The most Minor of the Minor Prophets(shortest)
        1. Obadiah is like the little bell being struck in the midst of the orchestra’s performance.
        2. Actually in all the O.T.
      2. The man Obadiah: 13 figures bear this name in the OT.
        1. Yet, there is no link with the others.
      3. The Aim:
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