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Nehemiah 11

Bell's Commentary on the BibleBell's Commentary

Verses 1-36

  1. Intro:
    1. In ch.11 we have the settlement of the city of Jerusalem.
      1. This is the last piece of Israel’s history that the OT contains.
        1. The prophets add a little of some later conditions of the people.
      2. After this is a lapse of 4 centuries & then Israel’s history resumes in the NT.
        1. Inter-Testamental period, or the 400 Silent Years.
    1. ​​​​​​​WHO WILL DWELL IN JERUSALEM? (1,2)
      1. Why was it a big deal who dwelt in the city?
        1. Ask: What are the Pro’s & Con’s of living in this old run down city?
          1. It was the center of danger & of possible attacks. A lot of work to do. It’s up-rooting your family to start over. Change our way of life.
      2. Some were drafted, others volunteered who were honored by all the people.
      3. Why build a city if no one was going to live there?
      4. God needed people, live bodies to inhabit Jerusalem.
        1. Never underestimate the importance of simply being physically present in the place where God wants you.
        2. God may not always have you doing some dramatic ministry but might want you to just be there to be a show of support, or an encouragement.
    2. INSIDE JERUSALEM (3-24)
      1. Nehemiah tithed the people into Jerusalem.
      2. I would love to tithe 10% of our congregation to leave :) I mean to be sent out, relocate to be a light to our world.
      3. I think Nehemiah loved lists because in…
        1. Ch.3 covered who worked on the wall. Ch.7 covered who returned w/Zerubbabel. Ch.8 covered who was at the bible conference. Ch.10 covered 84 men who set their seals to the dedication covenant. & now in Ch.11 covered those who dwelt in Jer.
        2. Maybe this is a reminder to us…God keeps track [when others don’t recognize or appreciate our ministry or sacrifice...God keeps track]
          1. Even better God keeps track of Individuals. They’re not just people, but individuals. God is like a proud parent. The individuals are glad to hear their name announced on the loud speaker [track meet]. You don’t name your kids #1,#2,#3...but you give them a name.
          2. These individuals are men of valor...doing what?...soldiers? no, Moving...with incredible sacrifice.
      4. Nethinim - These set apart. Levites who did the menial work.
        1. Alastair begg, speaking of these people in Neh.11, recorded for us here, not because a dramatic commitment to the spectacular, but on account of their devoted consistency to the basics.
        2. We think we have to go & do something extraordinary. 99.9% of our life is ordinary events. Thus we think life is meaningless. But here God celebrates those who live out their lives playing second fiddle. It needs more skill than I can tell To play the second fiddle well. Spurgeon
    3. OUTSIDE JERUSALEM (25-36)
      1. Pro’s & Con’s of living in a village?
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