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Jeremiah 50

Bell's Commentary on the BibleBell's Commentary

Verses 1-46

  1. Intro:
    1. Let’s start with the finish! (51:59-64)
      1. Jer.’s last object lesson.
    2. In scripture Babylon symbolizes “man’s worldly system” organized in opposition to God.
      1. Babel(confusion) Gen.11. {Babel in Greek is Babylon}.
        1. Founded in about 3000 bc by Nimrod.
      2. Babylon is the capital city of Shinar(Gen), later to be called Chaldea.
      3. Delt w/again in the End times, esp. Rev.17,18 where “Babylon the Great” symbolizes the anti-God system that controls the end of the world.
        1. Babylon is both a city & a system! - Like we speak of Wall Street & Madison Ave. - They are actual streets, but also stand for the financial or advertising enterprises.
      4. Note also: The city of Babylon always stands in contrast w/the city of Jerusalem!
        1. The proud city of man, vs. the Holy city of God!
        2. The earthly city of human splendor, opposing the heavenly city that Glorifies God!
    3. Babylon was to be Israel’s(& the surrounding nations) “hammer, battle axe, & cup of punishment”. But now she would be punished because she dealt so treacherously with Israel(51:34,35).
    4. Jeremiah devoted 121 vss. To the future of 9 nations; 44 vss. to the destruction of Jerusalem; But now he devotes 110 vss. To the fall of Babylon (It is an important subject!)
    5. Jeremiah’s prophecy has both near & far fulfillment
      1. The prophets often saw two horizons(explain)
      2. 1st horizon Medes/Darius & Persians/Cyrus capture babylon in 539bc(Dan.5) but they didn’t destroy the city. Alex. The Great does in 330bc.
      3. 2nd horizon – Ultimate fulfillment in Rev.17,18.
  2. GOD DECLARES WAR! (50:1-28)
    1. Intro! (1-3)
    2. (2) Declare! Proclaim!
    3. Bel = Aramaic form of Baal.
    4. “Images broken” – wooden images. Lev.26:30 NEB freely translates this, “I will pile your rotting carcasses on the rotting logs that were your idols!”
    5. Regarding the Jews! (4-10)
    6. (6) How sad - Lost sheep w/o a shepherd, abused by both their leaders & their captures.
    7. (8) “move” – Immed. app. Return of the exiles.
      1. Flee or get caught in the judgment against babylon.
    8. Future app. Return of the Jews in the end times.
    9. To Babylon! (11-13)
    10. Now we find out “why” God was destroying them.
      1. Yes, they were God’s tool to chasten sinful Israel – but they went too far.
      2. They enjoyed their job too much!
      3. As they treated Judah, so God will treat them. (51:24,35,49)
    11. To the Invading Armies! (14-16)
    12. As Babylon was God’s tool, now God uses Cyrus & Darius, & later Alex. The Great w/his Greek armies!
    13. (14) “spare no arrows”! - “The whole 9 yards!” – WWII 27’ of ammo.
    14. (15b) This was no ordinary war; this was the vengeance of the Lord!
    15. Against the Jews! (17-20)
    16. (17) scattered flock analogy again. {1st by Assyria, then Bab.}
    17. (18) Assyria fell to Babylon; Babylon fell to Medo-Persia.
    18. (19) God Will bring them back to graze safely & peacefully & lie down in green pastures.
    19. (20) End times - One day! (no sin & full pardon)
    20. To the Invaders! (21-27)
    21. (21,22) God was the commander of the invasion.
    22. (23,24) Babylon was caught in Gods trap!
    23. (25) She couldn’t escape God’s weapons.
      1. Foolish humans who think they will give God a “talkin to”!
    24. The Remnant Speaks! (28)
    25. The exiles make it back to Judah as they report the fall of Babylon.
    26. Babylon’s Ultimate sin?…burning the Temple – for that they would pay big time…the total destruction of their city!
      1. Remember Dan.5:1-4 when they were overtaken they were “eating, drinking, & making merry”…“WITH GODS VESSELS” from HIS Temple!
  3. GOD RALLIES THE TROOPS! (50:29-51:26)
    1. ​​​​​​​The Invaders! (29,30)
    2. (29) Shoot to kill & allow no one to escape!
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