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Bible Commentaries

Bell's Commentary on the Bible

Deuteronomy 16

Verses 18-22

  1. Intro:
    1. Overview of Chapter:
      1. Moses now touches on Civil & Religious authority structures.
        1. Civil - The Judicial System (16:18-17:13) & The King (17:14-20).
        2. Religious - in ch.18 with the Priests & Prophets.
      2. Each of these institutions rose to prominence in Israelite society once Israel became settled in the land of Canaan.
      3. Especially with the establishment of the monarchy under David & Solomon.
    2. Title: Hear & Fear - Common citizens, priests, judges, & kings, all had an obligation to submit to God’s Word & obey it.
      1. The higher the position, the greater the responsibility. Hear & Fear. (17:13)
  2. JUSTICE & ONLY JUSTICE (16:18-17:13)
    1. Local Court (16:18-17:7)
    2. Judges were to be appointed in every town.
      1. These men were to judge fairly.
    3. The first responsibility of the judges was to prevent impure worshiping practices in the land.
      1. Anything that might lead to syncretism (accommodating worship of the Lord to pagan systems of worship) was prohibited.
        1. (Dict.) The combining or uniting of different religions, cultures, or schools of thought.
        2. From syn/sun = together + krēs Cretan (originally with reference to ancient Cretan communities). i.e. don’t unite yourself with Cretans.
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