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Bullinger's Companion Bible Notes

Ruth 1

Verse 1

Now it came to pass in the days. Occurs five times. Always denotes impending trouble, followed by happy deliverance. Compare Genesis 14:1 .Esther 1:1 .Isaiah 7:1 .Jeremiah 1:3 .

when the judges ruled. Doubtless, in the early days, before the sin of Judges 1:0 developed the later internal disorders, and outward oppressions.

a famine. See note on Genesis 12:10 .

country = fields.

Verse 2

Elimelech = My God is king.

Naomi = My pleasant one. Mahlon = Sick.

Chilion = Pining.

Ephrathites. Ephrath was the ancient name of Beth-lehem, where Rachel was buried (Genesis 35:19 ; Genesis 48:7 ).

Verse 4

took them wives. Canaanitish wives forbidden (Deuteronomy 7:3 , &c.), but not Moabitish wives; though a Moabite man might not enter the congregation of Jehovah. See note, Deuteronomy 23:3 .

Orpah = Hind or Fawn.

Ruth = Beauty. Wife of Mahlon the elder.

Verse 5

left = left survivor.

Verse 6

return. This was in 1326, the year before the second jubilee (1325-1324). See App-50 .

the LORD. Hebrew. Jehovah. App-4 .

visited. Compare Exodus 4:31 .Psalms 132:15 .Luke 1:68 .

Verse 8

as = according as.

Verse 9

rest. Compare Ruth 3:1 . A characteristic word in this Book.

Verse 10

we will return with thee. This liberty was allowed by the laws of Khammurabi, 171-173 and 177.

Verse 11

why . . . ? Figure of speech Erotesis. App-6 .

Verse 12

should say = should have said.

Verse 13

Would . . . ? Figure of speech Erotesis. App-6 .

Verse 19

Beth-lehem = House of bread.

Verse 20

them. Feminine. And the verb "call" is feminine, also, so that Naomi was addressing the women. the ALMIGHTY = Shaddai. See App-4 .

Verse 22

the Moabitess. So called five times. In Deuteronomy 23:3 , it is masculine, and does not affect Ruth.

barley harvest. Therefore at the Passover.

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