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Bible Commentaries

Bullinger's Companion Bible Notes

Numbers 27

Verse 1

daughters. Compare Numbers 26:33 .Joshua 17:3 .

Verse 2

door = entrance.

tabernacle = tent. Hebrew. 'ohel. App-40 .

Verse 3

died. Compare Numbers 26:64 , Numbers 26:65 .

Verse 4

Why . . . ? Figure of speech Erotesis. App-6 .

Verse 6

spake. See note on Numbers 1:1 .

Verse 7

shalt surely give. Hebrew "a giving thou shalt give". Figure of speech Polyptoton ( App-6 ), for emphasis. See note on Genesis 26:28 . This command obeyed in Joshua 17:4 .

Verse 8

children = sons.

Verse 11

unto his kinsman. Compare note on Leviticus 18:6 .

a statute of judgment: or, regulative statute. Compare Numbers 35:29 .

as = according to what.

Verse 13

Aaron. Compare Numbers 20:24 .

Verse 14

rebelled. Compare Numbers 20:24 .

My commandment. Hebrew "My mouth". Figure of speech Metonymy (of Cause), App-6 , "mouth" put for what is spoken by it.

water. Compare Exodus 17:7 . Of another Meribah.

Verse 16

God = Elohim. God, the Creator of men and the spirits of men (Genesis 2:7 ), Who giveth the spirit to man, and takes it to Himself again (Ecclesiastes 12:7 ), and Who giveth all the gifts of the Spirit (1 Corinthians 14:12 ).

spirits. Plural of Hebrew. ruach. See App-9 .

set = or visit: i.e. provide and appoint. man. Hebrew 'is h . See App-14 .

Verse 17

go out . . . go in. Figure of speech Synecdoche (of Species), App-6 , put for life in general, especially all official movements, and actions.

Verse 18

Joshua. See note on Exodus 17:9 .

spirit. Hebrew. ruach ( App-9 ). Put here by the Figure of speech Metonymy (of Cause), App-6 , for the gifts of the Holy Spirit: here, a spirit of "wisdom" (Deuteronomy 34:9 ).

Verse 19

Eleazar the priest: because he had the breastplate with Urim and Thummim, and could alone give Joshua the decision or "judgment" of Jehovah.

Verse 21

he shall stand = take his stand. Hebrew. 'amad, as Numbers 27:2 .

counsel. Supply Ellipsis with the word "judgment" from next clause.

for = by.

after = for.

judgment = decision.

Urim = the Urim. See note on Ex. Numbers 28:30 .

at his word = at the mouth: i.e. of the Urim.

word = commandment or instruction, "word" put by Figure of speech Metonymy (of Adjunct), App-6 , for what is spoken by the mouth.

Verse 23

commanded = spake. See note on Numbers 1:1 .

by the hand. Figure of speech Metonymy (of Cause), App-6 :. by the instrumentality or agency of the hand.

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