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Bullinger's Companion Bible Notes

Job 17

Verse 1

breath = spirit. Hebrew. ruach. App-9 .

is = has become.

corrupt = consumed.

extinct. Hebrew. Za'ak. Occurs only here.

the graves. The Septuagint reads as in translation below.

Verse 2

continue in = constantly dwell on.

Verse 3

Lay down now = Appoint it so, I pray.

put me, &c. = be thou my bond. Compare Isaiah 38:14 ("undertake").

who is he . . . ? Figure of speech Erotesis. App-6 . The answer is given in Job 17:4 by Figure of speech Ellipsis ( App-6 ), "[not they]".

strike hands. The idiom for making a compact. Compare Proverbs 6:1 ; Proverbs 11:15 ; Proverbs 17:18 ; Proverbs 22:26 , &c.

Verse 5

He that, &c. Supply Ellipsis, as in translation below; and treat Job 17:5 as a quotation.

children = sons.

fail = look in vain.

Verse 6

aforetime = in former times. Compare Ruth 4:7 ,

tabret = a drum. Hebrew. topheth. To the sound and warning of which people gave heed. See note on 1 Samuel 10:5 . After this verse imagine a pause.

Verse 7

members = limbs.

Verse 10

you. So some codices, with Syriac and "Vulgate, which Authorized Version and Revised Version followed. Other codices read "them".

Verse 12

darkness. Hebrew. hashak. See note on Job 3:6 .

Verse 13

the grave. Hebrew. Sheol. App-35 . Compare Job 17:16 .

Verse 16

the pit. Hebrew. Sheol. App-35 . Compare Job 17:13 .

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