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Bible Commentaries

Bullinger's Companion Bible Notes

Jeremiah 45

Verse 1

The Fortieth Prophecy of Jeremiah (see book comments for Jeremiah).

Baruch. He was the grandson of Maaseiah, governor of Jerusalem in Josiah's reign (2 Chronicles 34:8 ), and brother of Seraiah, chief chamberlain (Jeremiah 51:59 ).

written these words, &c. See Jeremiah 36:0 . the fourth year, &c. See App-86 .

Verse 2

the LORD, the God of Israel. See note on Jeremiah 11:3 .

Verse 4

Behold. Figure of speech Asterismos. App-6 .

built . . . break down . . . planted . . . pluck up. See note on Jeremiah 1:10 .

Verse 5

And seekest, &c. = Wouldst thou seek to secure great things for thyself?

evil. Hebrew. ra'a'. App-44 .

saith the LORD = [is] Jehovah's oracle.

life = soul. Hebrew. nephesh. App-13 .

for a prey. Compare Jeremiah 39:18 .

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