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Bullinger's Companion Bible Notes

Isaiah 27

Verse 1

In that day: i.e. the period of judgment foretold in Isaiah 26:21 .

leviathan. Three great aquatic animals are here mentioned: probably referring to Israel's three great enemies: Assyria (with Nineveh, on the Tigris); Babylon (on the Euphrates); and Egypt (on the Nile); with Satan himself behind them all, as their great instigator.

piercing = fleeing, or fugitive (like the Tigris). crooked tortuous (like the winding Euphrates).

dragon = the crocodile of the Nile.

sea = the Nile, as in Isaiah 19:5 .Nahum 3:8 .

Verse 2

sing: or, answer.

red wine. Hebrew. chemer. App-27 . Some codices, with one early printed edition, Aramaean, and Septuagint, read chemed, pleasant, or lovely.

Verse 4

Fury. Hebrew. chemah = heat, wrath, displeasure.

not in Me: i.e. not now. There was in the other song (Isaiah 5:5-7 ): but now, "in that day", all wrath will have gone.

briers and thorns: i.e. the internal enemies of the vineyard (as the wild beasts are the external enemies). These are now the objects of His wrath, not His vineyard.

Verse 5

Or: i.e. if such enemies wish to avert My wrath, let them make peace with Me.

My strength = Me, as a refuge or protection.

Verse 6

He shall cause, &c. This verse is not an "addendum". or "irrelevant", or "an illegible gap". It is necessary in order to give us the subject of the song, which is reserved till this verse. The symbol is to tell us that Israel is the vineyard (Compare Isaiah 27:12 ). See the Structure on the previous page; and note that in (Isaiah 26:1-21 ) we have the Song of Judah, while in (Isaiah 27:2-6 ) the song concerning Israel.

the world = the inhabited world. Hebrew. tebel.

Verse 7

as, &c. = according to the stroke of those, &c.

Verse 8

In measure = By measure. Referring to the smiting of Israel, as being in limited measure. Hebrew. seah . App-51 . (11), (5).

when it shooteth forth = when Thou didst send it forth (i.e. the stroke of Isaiah 27:7 ).

Thou wilt debate with it = Thou wilt curb it (i.e. the stroke of Isaiah 27:7 ). Hebrew. rib . = plead, as in Isaiah 1:17 ; Isaiah 3:13 ; Isaiah 51:22 .Jeremiah 2:9 , Jeremiah 2:29 ; Jeremiah 12:1 ; Jeremiah 50:34 .Micah 7:9 .

rough = harsh, or severe.

wind. Hebrew. ruach . App-9 .

east wind. A violent, hot, scorching wind; pernicious to the fruit of a vineyard.

Verse 9

By this = In this way.

iniquity. Hebrew. avah . App-44 .

purged = covered: i.e. atoned for. Hebrew. kaphar . See note on Exodus 29:33 .

this is all the fruit = all this is the fruit or result.

sin. Hebrew. chata '. App-44 .

the altar = [all] altars.

as = no better than.

in sunder = to pieces.

the groves = the Asherahs. App-42 .

images = images of Ashtoreth. See note on Isaiah 17:8 .

not = no more.

Verse 10

Yet = For.

forsaken. See note on Isaiah 1:4 .

consume = devour.

Verse 11

the boughs, &c. = her harvest drieth up.

they. Feminine., i.e. the "stones" of Isaiah 27:9 .

broken off = broken, or destroyed.

Verse 12

in that day: verses: Isaiah 27:12 , Isaiah 27:13 refer to Israel, as verses: Isaiah 27:7 , Isaiah 27:10-11 refer to Israel's enemies.

beat off: i.e. as olives from a tree = "beat off [his fruit]": i.e. gather the sons of Israel.

channel = flood.

river: i.e. the Euphrates.

children = sons.

Verse 13

ready to perish. So the end will be like the beginning. See Deuteronomy 26:5 .

holy. See note on Exodus 3:5 .

mount = mountain.

hasty fruit = early fig [becomes].

eateth it up = swalloweth it.

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