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Genesis 40

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Verse 1

butler = the cupbearer. Nehemiah 1:11 .

baker. A Papyrus, in the National Library, Paris (nineteenth dynasty), gives the name of a similar officer (Djadja), the chief; and mentions "114,064 loaves made in the white fortress". (See Records of the Past, vol. ii, p. 126.)

Verse 4

season. Hebrew days (Genesis 4:3 ) = either "some days" (Genesis 4:3 ), or, perhaps, a year.

Verse 5

dreamed a dream. Figure of speech Polyptoton ( App-6 ), i.e. had a significant or important dream.

Verse 11

pressed, &c. A religious ceremony, connected with the worship of Horus, portrayed in Egyptian paintings. Existence of vines in Egypt has been denied by critics; but now they are seen depicted in paintings. In the cup was honey, or some other liquid, with which the grape juice was mixed.

Verse 12

are. Should be "they [are]".

Verse 13

lift up thine head = uplift thee, i.e. restore thee to favour. For this was the highest honour that the cupbearer could have.

Verse 14

think on me, &c. Compare Luke 23:42 .

Verse 16

white, or, wicker.

Verse 18

are = "they [are]. "

Verse 19

from off thee. Contrast this with Genesis 40:13 .

Verse 20

birthday. These were observed with great ceremony and state. Critics have supposed it to be only a Persian custom. The Rosetta stone contains a decree concerning the keeping of the birthday feast of Ptolemy Epiphanes.

Verse 21

restored. Compare Genesis 40:13 , and See Genesis 41:1 , Genesis 41:3 .

Verse 22

hanged. Compare Genesis 40:19 , and See Genesis 41:13 .

as = according as.

Verse 23

but forgat him. Figure of speech Pleonasm. App-6 . Used for great emphasis. Compare Amos 6:6 .

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Bullinger, Ethelbert William. "Commentary on Genesis 40". "Bullinger's Companion bible Notes". 1909-1922.