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Barnes' Notes on the Whole Bible

Exodus 31

Verses 1-11

And the cloths of service - Rather, And the garments of office; that is, the distinguishing official garments of the high priest. The three kinds of dress mentioned in this verse appear to be the only ones which were unique to the sanctuary. They were:

(1) The richly adorned state robes of the high priest (see Exodus 28:6-38; Exodus 39:1 following).

(2) the “holy garments” of white linen for the high priest, worn on the most solemn occasion in the year (see Exodus 28:39; Leviticus 16:4).

(3) the garments of white linen for all the priests, worn in their regular ministrations (see Exodus 28:40-41).

Verses 12-17

Was refreshed - Literally, “he took breath”. Compare Exodus 23:12; 2 Samuel 16:14. The application of the word to the Creator, which occurs nowhere else, is remarkable.

Verse 18

Two tables of testimony - See Exodus 25:16; Exodus 32:15.

The tables of stone which represented the covenant between Yahweh and His people, and which, when covered with the mercy-seat were to give the sanctuary its significance, are now delivered to Moses in accordance with the promise in Exodus 24:12.

The history of what relates to the construction of the sanctuary is here interrupted, and is taken up again in Exodus 35:1.

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Barnes, Albert. "Commentary on Exodus 31". "Barnes' Notes on the Whole Bible". 1870.