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Strong's #8164 - שָׂעִיר

formed the same as (H8163)
Parts of Speech
Noun Masculine

1) raindrops, rain showers

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Ancient Hebrew Lexicon Definitions

2494) rox (סאהר SAhR) AC: ? CO: Hair AB: ?

Nm ) rox (סאהר SAhR) - Hair: [Hebrew and Aramaic] [df: reV] KJV (31): hair - Strongs: H8177 (שְׂעַר), H8181 (שַׂעַר)

Nf1 ) erox (סאהרה SAhRH) - Hair: [df: hreV] KJV (7): hair - Strongs: H8185 (שַׂעֲרָה)

bm ) riox (סאהיר SAhYR) - I. Goat:From its thick hair used to make tents. [df: ryeV reV]II. Raindrop:As the hair from heaven. KJV (60): kid, goat, devil, satyr, hairy, rough, rain - Strongs: H8163 (שָׂעִר), H8164 (שָׂעִיר)

bf1) eriox (סאהירה SAhYRH) - She-Goat: From its hair. [df: hryeV] KJV (2): kid - Strongs: H8166 (שְׂעִירָה)

cf1 ) erfox (סאהורה SAhWRH) - Barley: From its hair on its head. [df: hreV] KJV (34): barley - Strongs: H8184 (שְׂעוֹר)

AHL Definitions Copyright: ©1999-2022
Jeff Benner, Ancient Hebrew Research Center Used by permission of the author.
Gesenius' Hebrew and Chaldee Definition

שָׂעִיר m.

(1)  hairy, rough, Genesis 27:11, 23 Genesis 27:23.

(2) a he-goat, hircus (which. Latin word is the same as hirtus, hirsutus), Levit. 4:24 16:9 more fully שְׂעִיר עִזִּים (Ziegenbock), Genesis 37:31; Leviticus 4:24, 16:5 (since the name of goat seems to have belonged, in a wider sense, to other animals also). As to the [idolatrous] worship of the he-goat among the Hebrews (following the example of the Egyptians), see Leviticus 17:7; 2 Chronicles 11:15. Fem. שְׂעִירָה a she-goat, which see.

(3) pl. wood demons, satyrs, resembling he-goats, inhabiting deserts, Isaiah 13:21, 34:14 see as to these superstitions [?] Bochart, Hieroz. ii. 844, and my Comment. on Isa. locc. citt. LXX. δαιμόνια.

(4) pl. shower (Regenfchauer), Deuteronomy 32:2, compare שָׂעַר to shudder.

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List of Word Forms
כִּשְׂעִירִ֣ם כשעירם kiś‘îrim kiś·‘î·rim kisiRim
Old Testament Hebrew Lexical Dictionary developed by Jeff Garrison for Copyright 1999-2022. All Rights Reserved, Jeff Garrison, Gdansk, Poland.
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