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Strong's #5852 - עֲטָרֹת

at-aw-roth', at-aw-roth'
pl of (H5850)
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עַטְרוֹת אַדָּר

Ataroth = “crowns”

1) a town east of the Jordan in Gilead, taken and built by the tribe of Gad

2) a place on the boundary of Ephraim and Manasseh

3) a place between Ephraim and Benjamin

Frequency Lists
Verse Results
KJV (5)
Numbers 2
Joshua 2
1 Chronicles 1
NAS (4)
Numbers 2
Joshua 2
HCS (4)
Numbers 2
Joshua 2
BSB (4)
Numbers 2
Joshua 2
ESV (4)
Numbers 2
Joshua 2
WEB (5)
Numbers 2
Joshua 2
1 Chronicles 1
Brown-Driver-Briggs Expanded Definition
 עֲטָרוֺת and ( Numbers 32:34) עֲטָרֹת proper name, of a location Αταρωθ, etc.:

1 East of Jordan (MI10,11); —

a. Numbers 32:3 (+ דִּיבוֺן, etc.) — modern A‰‰arûs, approximately 8 miles north-northwest from Dibon — built by Gad Numbers 32:34 (+ ׳ד, עֲרֹעֵר, and also)

b.עַטְרֹת שׁוֺפָן Numbers 32:35 (Samaritan שפים׳ע, see Di; site unknown).

2 west of Jordan, conjectures as to sites see in Di Buhl Geogr. 172:

a. on border between Ephraim and Benjamin Joshua 16:2, = עַטְרוֺתאַדָּר Joshua 16:5; Joshua 18:13.

b. on east border of Ephraim Joshua 16:7.

c. עַטְרוֺת בֵּית יוֺאָב 1 Chronicles 2:54 in Judah; a 'son' of Salma (+ Bethlehem, al.).

עטשׁ (√ of following; Late Hebrew עָטַשׁ sneeze; Aramaic in derivative noun; Arabic id., Ethiopic [], , sneezing).

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List of Word Forms
עֲטָר֣וֹת עֲטָר֤וֹת עֲטָרֹ֑ת עֲטָרֽוֹת׃ עטרות עטרות׃ עטרת ‘ă·ṭā·rō·wṯ ‘ă·ṭā·rōṯ ‘ăṭārōṯ ‘ăṭārōwṯ ataRot