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Strong's #198 - אוּלָם

apparently from (H481) (in the sense of dumbness)
Parts of Speech
Proper Name Masculine

Ulam = “their leader: vestibule”

1) a Manassite

2) a Benjamite of Saul’s family

Frequency Lists  
  1. Book
  2. Word
KJV (4)
1 Chronicles
NAS (4)
1 Chronicles
HCS (4)
1 Chronicles
BSB (4)
1 Chronicles
ESV (4)
1 Chronicles
WEB (4)
1 Chronicles
Verse Results
Gesenius' Hebrew and Chaldee Definition

אוּלָם , אֻלָם (with Kametz impure), pl. אֻלַמִּים, root אוּל No. 3, prop. front; hence

(1)  vestibule, portico (Borhalle), 1 Kings 7:6, seq.; Ezekiel 40:7, sqq. Specially applied to the porch erected to the east of Solomon’s temple; Gr. ὁ πρόναος, 1 Kings 6:3; Joel 2:17 more fully אוּלָם יְהֹוָה, 2 Chronicles 15:8, 29:17. As to the height of this porch, which is said to have been a hundred and twenty cubits high, 2 Chronicles 3:4, see the treatise of A. Hirt (Der Tempel Salomo’s, Berlin, 1819, p.26).

(2) adv. prop. in front, hence opposite, and tropically strongly adversative particle; but, but indeed, οὐ μὴν δὲ ἀλλά, as well given by the LXX., Job 2:5, 5:8 13:3. More often also וְאוּלָם; LXX. οὐ μὴν δὲ ἀλλά, Genesis 48:19; Exodus 9:16; Job 1:11, 12:7 33:1. Where two adversative propositions follow each other, as in Germ. aber … und, in Hebrew an adversative particle is repeated אוּלָםוְאוּלָם, Job 13:3, Job 13:4 comp. כִּיוְכִי. Once, Job 17:10, it is written אֻלָם, where some copies incorrectly have אֻלָּם. It may be inquired by the learned, whether this particle may not, as well as אוּלַי, be regarded as compounded of אוּ = אוֹ whether, and לָם = ܠܡܳܙ, اَمْ not, in this sense-“but I do not know whether or not,” vielleicht aber. This conjecture certainly seems to be confirmed by the Syriac word ܙܘܽܠܺܡܳܙ, prob. to be read ܙܘܽܠܡܳܙ, which Castell. (Lex. Syr. p.16, ed. Mich.) explains, “ܕܰܠܡܳܙ forsan, verum.” I have not, however, found instances of it.

(3) [Ulam], pr.n.m.

(a) 1 Chronicles 7:16.

(b) 8:39, 40 1 Chronicles 8:40.

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List of Word Forms
א֠וּלָם אוּלָ֖ם אוּלָ֣ם אוּלָ֥ם אולם ’ū·lām ’ūlām uLam Ulom
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