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Strong's #1760 - דָּחַח

daw-khaw', daw-khakh'
a primitive root
Parts of Speech
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1) to push, thrust, chase, overflow, totter, sore, drive away or out, be outcast, be cast down

1a) (Qal) to push, push violently

1b) (Niphal) to be thrust down, be cast down

1c) (Pual) to be thrust down

Greek Equivalent Words:
Strong #: 396 ‑ ἀνατρέπω (an‑at‑rep'‑o);  683 ‑ ἀπωθέω (ap‑o‑theh'‑om‑ahee, ap‑o'‑thom‑ahee);  1856 ‑ ἐξωθέω (ex‑o‑theh'‑o, ex‑o'‑tho);  
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Verse Results
KJV (11)
Psalms 7
Proverbs 1
Isaiah 2
Jeremiah 1
NAS (10)
Psalms 7
Proverbs 2
Jeremiah 1
HCS (8)
2 Samuel 1
Psalms 5
Proverbs 1
Jeremiah 1
BSB (11)
Psalms 7
Proverbs 1
Isaiah 2
Jeremiah 1
ESV (11)
Psalms 7
Proverbs 1
Isaiah 2
Jeremiah 1
WEB (11)
Psalms 7
Proverbs 1
Isaiah 2
Jeremiah 1
Ancient Hebrew Lexicon Definitions

1077) hd (דהה DHh) AC: Push CO: ? AB: Worthless: The pictograph d is a door representing the idea of moving back and forth. The h is a picture of a wall. Combined these pictures mean "the back and forth movement of a wall" (see Psalm 62:3) .

A) hd (דהה DHh) AC: Throw down CO: Ruin AB: ?: A continual pushing to cause a ruin or stumbling.

fm) ihd (דההי DHhY) - Stumble: KJV (2): fall - Strongs: H1762 (דְּחִי)

hf1) ehdm (מדההה MDHhH) - Ruin: Something that is thrown down in ruin. KJV (1): ruin - Strongs: H4072 (מִדְחֶה)

jf) nfhd (דההונ DHhWN) - Instrument: A musical instrument that is continually struck such as a harp. [Aramaic only] KJV (1): instrument, musick - Strongs: H1761 (דַּחֲוָה)

H) ehd (דההה DHhH) AC: Push CO: ? AB: ?: A continual pushing to throw down or out.

V) ehd (דההה DHhH) - Push: To push something down or onward. [df: xxd] KJV (11): (vf: Paal, Niphal, Pual) outcast, thrust, sore, overthrow, chase, tottering, drive away, drive on, cast down - Strongs: H1760 (דָּחַח)

J) hfd (דוהה DWHh) AC: ? CO: Clean AB: ?

V) hfd (דוהה DWHh) - Clean: Something that has been scrubbed clean. KJV (4): (vf: Hiphil) wash, purge, cast out - Strongs: H1740 (דּוּחַ)

am) hfdm (מדוהה MDWHh) - Worthless: What is cast away as worthless. KJV (1): causes of banishment - Strongs: H4065 (מַדּוּחִים)

Adopted Roots:

AHL Definitions Copyright: ©1999-2024
Jeff Benner, Ancient Hebrew Research Center Used by permission of the author.
Brown-Driver-Briggs Expanded Definition
 דָּחָה verb push, thrust (Late Hebrew id., Aramaic דְּחִי, דְּחָא, ; cf also Arabic , spread, extend, also throw, propel) —

Qal Perfect 2 masculine singular suffix דְּחִיתַנִי Psalm 118:13; Infinitive construct לִדְחוֺת Psalm 140:5; absolute דָּחֹה Psalm 118:13; Participle active דֹּחֶה Psalm 35:5 (read דֹּחָםᵐ5 De Che); passive feminine הַדְּחוּיָה Psalm 62:4; — push, דָּחֹה דָחָה push violently figurative with accusative Psalm 118:13 followed by clause of purpose לִנְמֹּל, compare לִדְחוֺת פעמי Psalm 140:5 (Che trip up my feet), & Psalm 35:5 (transpose דחה with רדפם Psalm 35:6 and read דֹּחָםᵐ5; compare יְהִידֿרכם חשׁך וַחֲלַקְלַקֹּת v a, and Jeremiah 23:12); pushed in (Che), in simile, passive participle, said of גָּדֵר wall Psalm 62:4 ("" קיר נטוי).

Niph`al Imperfect יִדָּחֶה Proverbs 14:32; (3 masculine plural יִדַּ֫חוּ Jeremiah 23:12 is from דחח, if rightly pointed; נִדְחֵי Isaiah 11:12; Isaiah 56:8; Psalm 147:2, see below נדח); — be thrust or cast down, figurative of wicked Proverbs 14:32, compare Psalm 35:6 above

Pu`al Perfect3 plural דֹּחוּ Psalm 36:13 they are thrust down ("" נפלו & לא יכלו קום).

[דָּחַח] verb only

Niph`al Imperfect 3 masculine plural יִדַּ֫חוּ (Kö i. 377) Jeremiah 23:12 they shall be thrust down, figurative, of wicked; read perhaps יִדָּח֫וּ, from דחה q. v.

דחן (√ of following; perhaps compare Arabic smoke arose, hence become dusky, dingy, inclining to black).

Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon, Unabridged, Electronic Database.All rights reserved. Used by permission. BibleSoft.com
Gesenius' Hebrew and Chaldee Definition

דָּחַח i.q. דָּחָה whence fut. Niph. יִדַּחוּ Jeremiah 23:12. But if written יִדָּחוּ it may be referred to דָּחָה.

These files are public domain and are a derivative of an electronic edition that is available BibleSupport.com
List of Word Forms
דְחִיתַ֣נִי דַּחֹ֣ה דֹּ֝ח֗וּ דּוֹחֶֽה׃ דוחה׃ דחה דחו דחיתני הַדְּחוּיָֽה׃ הדחויה׃ יִדַּ֖חוּ יִדָּחֶ֣ה ידחה ידחו לִדְח֥וֹת לדחות נִדְחֵ֖י נִדְחֵ֣י נדחי da·ḥōh daChoh daḥōh ḏə·ḥî·ṯa·nî dechiTani ḏəḥîṯanî dō·ḥū dō·w·ḥeh doCheh doChu dōḥū dōwḥeh had·də·ḥū·yāh haddechuYah haddəḥūyāh liḏ·ḥō·wṯ lidChot liḏḥōwṯ niḏ·ḥê nidChei niḏḥê yid·dā·ḥeh yid·da·ḥū yiddaCheh yidDachu yiddāḥeh yiddaḥū
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