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Strong's #169 - אֹהֶל

the same as (H168)
Parts of Speech
Proper Name Masculine

Ohel = “tent”

1) son of Zerubbabel

Frequency Lists  
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  2. Word
KJV (1)
1 Chronicles
NAS (1)
1 Chronicles
HCS (1)
1 Chronicles
BSB (1)
1 Chronicles
ESV (1)
1 Chronicles
WEB (1)
1 Chronicles
Verse Results
Gesenius' Hebrew and Chaldee Definition

אֹהֶל with suffix אָהֳלִי, אָהָלְךָ (ŏhŏlchג), with ה parag. אֹהֱלָה; pl. אֹהָלִים (by a Syriacism, for אֳהָלִים; Lehrg. p. 152, 572); with pref. בָּאֳהָלִים Judges 8:11; Jeremiah 35:7, 10 Jeremiah 35:10 const. אָהֳלֵי, with suff. אֹהָלָיו, אֹהָלֶיךָ-אָהֳלֵיכֶם.

(1) a tent, a tabernacle, Genesis 9:27, etc.; מוֹעֵד אֹהֶל “the tent of the congregation,” commonly called the tabernacle of the covenant, i.e. the moveable and portable temple of the Israelites in the desert, which is described Exo 26:1-37 and 36 called also simply הָאֹהֶל 1 Kings 1:39. With regard to the tabernacle, when אֹהֶל is distinguished from מִשְׁכָּן, אֹהֶל is the outer covering of the tent, of twelve curtains of goats’ hair, placed above the dwelling-place (מִשְׁכָּן), i.e. ten interior curtains which rested on the boards, Exodus 26:1, Exodus 26:7, 36:8, 14 Exodus 36:14, 19 Exodus 36:19.

(2) a house, or habitation of any kind; Isaiah 16:5, אֹהֶל דָּוִד “the house of David;” 1 Kings 8:66; Jeremiah 4:20; Lamentations 2:4. Poet. Psalms 132:3, אִם אָבֹא בֵּאֹהֶל בֵּיתִי “I will not enter into the habitation of my house.”

(3) Specially of the temple, Ezekiel 41:1.

(4) [Ohel], pr.n. of a son of Zerubbabel, 1 Chronicles 3:20.

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List of Word Forms
וָ֠אֹהֶל ואהל Vaohel wā’ōhel wā·’ō·hel
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