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Strong's #717 - Ἀρμαγεδδών

of Hebrew origin (H2022) and (H4023)
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Armageddon = "the hill or city of Megiddo"
  1. In Rev. 16:16 the scene of a the struggle of good and evil is suggested by that battle plain of Esdraelon, which was famous for two great victories, of Barak over the Canaanites, and of Gideon over the Midianites; and for two great disasters, the deaths of Saul and Josiah. Hence in Revelation a place of great slaughter, the scene of a terrible retribution upon the wicked. The RSV translates the name as Har-Magedon, i.e. the hill (as Ar is the city) of Megiddo.
Hebrew Equivalent Words:
Strong #: 2022 ‑ הַר (har);  
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Thayer's Expanded Definition

Ἁρμαγεδών (Griesbach Ἁρμαγεδών; WH ἁρ Μαγεδων, see their Introductory § 408; Tdf. Proleg., p. 106) or (so Rec.) Ἁρμαγεδδών, Har-Magedon or Armageddon, indeclinable proper name of an imaginary place: Revelation 16:16. Many, following Beza and Glassius, suppose that the name is compounded of הַר mountain, and מְגִדּו or מְגִדּון, the Sept. Μαγεδω, Μαγεδδω. Megiddo was a city of the Manassites, situated in the great plain of the tribe of Issachar, and famous for a double slaughter, first of the Canaanites (Judges 5:19), and again of the Israelites (2 Kings 23:29; 2 Chronicles 35:22, cf. Zechariah 12:11); so that in the Apocalypse it would signify the place where the kings opposing Christ were to be destroyed with a slaughter like that which the Canaanites or the Israelites had experienced of old. But since those two overthrows are said to have taken place ἐπί ὕδατι Μαγεδων (Judges, the passage cited) and ἐν τῷ πεδίῳ Μαγεδων (2 Chronicles, the passage cited), it is not easy to perceive what can be the meaning of the mountain of Megiddo, which could be none other than Carmel. Hence, for one, I think the conjecture of L. Capellus (i. e. Louis Cappel (akin to that of Drusius, see the commentaries)) to be far more easy and probable, viz. that Ἁρμαγεδών is for ἁρμαμεγεδων, compounded of חרמא destruction, and מגדון. (Wieseler (Zur Gesch. d. N. T. Schrift, p. 188), Hitzig (in Hilgenf. Einl., p. 440 n.), others, revive the derivation (cf. Hiller, Simonis, others) from מְגִדּו עָר city of Megiddo.)

STRONGS NT 717: Μαγεδων [Μαγεδων (Revelation 16:16 WH), see Ἀρμαγεδον.]

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Abbott-Smith Manual Greek Lexicon of the New Testament


(WH, Ἃρ Μαγεδών ; Rec. Ἀρμαγεδδών , prop. = H2022 H4023), cf. LXX, Μαγεδών , 2 Chronicles 35:22, Μαγεδώ , Judges 1:27; Har-Magedon (AV, Armageddon): Revelation 16:16 (v. Swete, in l, but also Thayer, s.v.).†

Ἅρ ,

indecl., Revelation 16:16, see, Ἁρμαγεδών .

Μαγεδών ,

Magedon: Revelation 16:16 (WH, Ἅρ M. for Ἁρμαγεδών , q.v.).†

Abbott-Smith Manual Greek Lexicon of the New Testament.
Copyright © 1922 by G. Abbott-Smith, D.D., D.C.L.. T & T Clarke, London.
List of Word Forms
Αρ Ἃρ Ἁρμαγεδών Μαγεδων Μαγεδών Ar armagedon armagedōn Har Hàr Magedon Magedōn Magedṓn
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