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Strong's #5608 - ὠνέομαι

middle voice from an apparently primary onos (a sum or price)
Parts of Speech
  1. to buy
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Liddell-Scott-Jones Definitions


Hes. Op. 341, etc.: fut. -ήσομαι E. Hec. 360, Ar. Ach. 815, Pax 1261, Lys. 22.22, Dor. ὠνασοῦμαι (v. infr.): in Att. usu. with the syllabic augment, ἐωνούμην Eup. 184, And. 1.134, ἀντ-εωνεῖτο X. Oec. 20.26, etc.: but ὠνέετο Hdt. 3.139, ὠνέοντο Id. 1.69, ὠνούμην Lys. 7.4 codd., ἀντ-ωνεῖτο And. 1.134, ἐξ-ωνεῖτο Aeschin. 3.91: aor. 1 ἐωνησάμην Plu. Cic. 3; ὠνησάμην Hp. 17, Plu. Nic. 10, Luc. Herm. 81; part. ὠνησάμενος Plb. 4.50.3, D.H. 7.20: ὠνήσασθαι not in Attic inscrr. earlier than IG 22.1035.8 (i B. C.), ἐπριάμην being used in Att.; ὠνησάμην in the prov. Χῖος δεσπότην ὠνήσατο Eup. 269: pf. ἐώνημαι in act. sense, Ar. Pl. 7, Lys. 7.2 (so plpf. ἐώνητο D. 37.5); also as Pass. (v. infr. 11): aor. in pass. sense (v. infr. 11) ἐωνήθην; fut. in pass. sense ἀπ-ωνηθήσεται Theopomp.Com. 84: this verb is usu. replaced in later Gr. by ἀγοράζω: —

buy, purchase, opp. πωλέω, πιπράσκω; πῶ τις ὦν ὄνον ὠνασεῖται; Sophr. 125; but in pres. and impf. (which are the tenses most in use), offer to buy, bargain or bid for a thing, ὄφρ' ἄλλων ὠνῇ κλῆρον Hes. Op. 341; ὠνέεσθαι τῶν φορτίων wished to buy some of their wares, began to bargain for them, Hdt. 1.1; Κροῖσός σφι ὠνεομένοισι ἔδωκε gave it them when they offered to buy, ib. 69; τὰς νήσους οὐκ ἐβούλοντο ὠνευμένοισι πωλέειν ib. 165, cf. 3.139, 6.121; ὀκτὼ λάβοις ἄν (sc. ὀβολούς); Answ. εἴπερ ὠνεῖ τὸν ἕτερον if you are willing to buy the other fish, Alex. 16.10, cf. 78.7; ὠνεῖσθαι καὶ πωλεῖν πρὸς ἀλλήλους Pl. Lg. 741b; ὠ. τὰς γυναῖκας παρὰ τῶν γονέων Hdt. 5.6, cf. Pl. Prt. 313d, 313e, D. 9.48; ἀπό τινος Ach.Tat. 5.17: c. dat. pers., buy from.., Ar. Ach. 815, Pax 1261; also ὠ. ἐκ Κορίνθου buy goods from Corinth, X. HG 7.2.17: ὠ. ἐξ ἀγορᾶς Id. An. 3.2.21; metaph., καιρόν, σπονδάς ὠ., Plu. Sert. 6, Hdn. 6.7.9; ὠ. μὴ ἀδικεῖσθαι τοὺς ἐμπόρους D. 8.25; c. gen. pretii, buy for so much, Hdt. 5.6, cf. E. Hec. 360, X. An. 7.6.24; ψυχῆς at the price of life, Heraclit. 85: also c. dat., buy with.., τἄχθιστα τοῖσι φιλτάτοις ὠνούμεθα E. IA 1170: abs., X. Mem. 2.10.4, Ages. 1.18: esp. in partic., ὠνουμένους ἕξειν τὰ ἐπιτήδεια by purchase, Id. An. 2.3.27, cf. 5.5.14, etc.; also ὁ ὠνούμενος the buyer, purchaser, ὁρῶντος τοῦ ὠνουμένου Id. Eq. 3.2, cf. Plu. Cat.Mi. 36; ὁ ἐωνημένος the owner by purchase (of a slave), Ar. Pl. 7; ὁ ὠνησάμενος Plu. 2.242d; ὁ ὠνησόμενος the intending purchaser, Din. 3.10: metaph., χάριτας πονηρὰς ὠ. E. Hel. 902; ὅσα ἄνθρωποι ἄθλων ὠνοῦνται X. Hier. 9.11; εὔνοιαν παρά τινος D. 12.20; ὠ. τὰς αὑτῶν ψυχὰς παρὰ τῶν ἐχθρῶν Lys. 28.9: in A. Supp. 337 Robortello restored ὄνοιτο.

2. bid for, purchase the farming of public taxes or properties, λ ταλάντων And. 1.134, Lys. 7.2 (in part. pf. Pass. with trans. sense); τέλη παρὰ τῆς πόλεως X. Vect. 4.19, etc.; ὠ. μέταλλα D. 19.293; τὸν ἐωνημένον τὴν ἰλὺν ἐκκομίσασθαι IG 12.94.20, cf. ὠνή 11.

3. buy off, avert by giving hush-money, ὠ. τὸν κίνδυνον D. 38.20; τὰ ἐγκλήματα ib.8; ταλάντου τὸ πλημμέλημα (i.e. its penalty) παρά τινος Luc. Herm. 81.

4. ὠ. τινα to buy a person, of one who bribes, D. 18.247; ὠνεῖται καὶ διαφθείρει τινάς Id. 9.45, cf. Plu. Phil. 15.

II sts. used as Pass., dub. in pres. since [ ὠνούμενά τε καὶ πιπρασκόμενα ] is interpol. in Pl. Phd. 69b; occasionally in pf., part. ἐωνημένος Id. R. 563b, Isa 11.42, D. 19.209 (but indic. ἐώνηνται Anon. ap. Arist. Rh. 1410a19 is Act. in sense): plpf. ἐώνητο Ar. Pax 1182 (troch.); also in aor. ἐωνήθην X. Mem. 2.7.12, ὠνηθῇ Id. Vect. 4.19; part. ὠνηθείς Isa 6.19, Pl. Sph. 224a, Lg. 850a.

III Act. pf. part. ἐωνηκώς, = ἐωνημένος, Lys. Fr. 135S.: aor. ὠνῆσαι· ἀγοράσαι, Zonar.: pres. ὠνεῖν· πωλεῖν, ἀπολαύειν, Hsch.: the sense πωλεῖν is Cretan, ὠνῆν τὰ χρήματα they shall sell the property, Leg.Gort. 5.47; αἰ δέ τις.. τὸ νόμισμα μὴ λείοι δέκετθαι ἢ καρπῶ ὠνίοι if any one refuses the currency or sells for produce, SIG 525.8 (Crete, iii B. C.).

Abbott-Smith Manual Greek Lexicon of the New Testament

* ὠνέομαι , -οῦραι ,

to buy: ὠνήσατο (= cl. ἐπρίατο ; v. Rutherford, NPhr., 210 ff.; Veitch, s.v.), c. gen. pret., Acts 7:16.†

Abbott-Smith Manual Greek Lexicon of the New Testament.
Copyright © 1922 by G. Abbott-Smith, D.D., D.C.L.. T & T Clarke, London.
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ωνησατο ωνήσατο ὠνήσατο onesato onḗsato ōnēsato ōnḗsato
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