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Strong's #4007 - περ

from the base of (G4008)
Parts of Speech
  1. however much, very much, altogether, indeed
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Liddell-Scott-Jones Definitions


(A), enclit. Particle, adding force to the word to which it is added, prob. a shortd. form of περί (q. v.) in the sense of very much, however much.


1. Chiefly Ep. and Lyr.; also in Trag. with relats. and parts.: 1 in Hom. freq. with Adj. and part. ὤν, ἐπεί μ' ἔτεκές γε μινυνθάδιόν π. ἐόντα all shortlived as I am, Il. 1.352; φίλην π. ἐοῦσαν ib. 587; Ἰθάκης κραναῆς π. ἐούσης 3.201: mostly concessive like καίπερ (q. v.), ἀγαθός π. ἐών however brave thou art, 1.131, al.; κρατερός π. ἐών 15.164; κύνεός π. ἐών 9.373; δουρικτητήν π. ἐοῦσαν ib. 343; μέγαν π. ἐόντα 5.625: so in Trag., ἄελπτά π. ὄντα A. Supp. 55 (lyr.); γενναῖός π. ὤν S. Ph. 1068: with a Subst., ἀλόχῳ π. ἐούσῃ Il. 1.546; γυνή π. οὖσα A. Th. 1043: with Adj. and Subst., λιγύς π. ἐὼν ἀγορητής Il. 2.246: with καί preceding, καὶ κρατερός π. ἐών 15.195, etc.: with the part. ὤν omitted, φράδμων π. ἀνήρ however shrewd, 16.638; κρατερός π. 21.63; χερείονά π . 17.539; καὶ θεός π . A. Ag. 1203, cf. 1084: with parts., ἱεμένων π . however eager, Il. 17.292; καὶ ἀχνύμενός π. ἑταίρου grieved though he was for . ., 8.125 .

2. intens., ἐλεεινότερός π . more pitiable by far, 24.504; μίνυνθά π . for a very little, 1.416, 13.573; ὀλίγον π . 11.391; πρῶτόν π . first of all, 14.295; ὑστάτιόν π . 8.353; ὀψέ π . Pi. N. 3.80: to strengthen a negation, οὐδὲ . . π . not even, not at all, οὐδ' ὑμῖν ποταμός π. ἐΰρροος ἀρκέσει Il. 21.130, cf. 8.201, 11.841, 21.410, Od. 1.59, 3.236; μή ποτε καὶ σὺ γυναικί π. ἤπιος εἶναι 11.441; ἢν μή π . Hdt. 6.57 .

3. to give emphasis, ἀλλὰ καὶ αὐτοί π. πονεώμεθα Il. 10.70; ἡμεῖς δ' αὐτοί π. φραζώμεθα 17.712; σθένος ἀνέρος ἀμφότεροί π. σχῶμεν 21.308: esp. at any rate, τιμήν π. μοι ὄφελλεν ἐλλυαλίξαι honour ( whatever else ) he owed me, 1.353, cf. 2.236, 17.121, 239; τόδε π. μοι ἐπικρήηνον ἐέλδωρ 8.242: in imper. clauses with the pers. Pron., ἀλλὰ σύ π. μιν τῖσον at all events, 1.508: in the apodosis of a conditional sentence, εἰ δέ τοι Ἀτρεΐδης μὲν ἀπήχθετο . ., σὺ δ' ἄλλους π. . . ἐλέαιρε 9.301, cf. 11.796, 12.349 .

II after Conjs. and relat. words, with which it commonly coalesces:

1. after hypothetical Conjs., v. εἴπερ .

2. after temporal Conjs., ὅτε π . just when, Il. 4.259, 5.802, etc.; ἦμος . . π . 11.86; ὅταν π . S. OC 301, etc.; πρίν π . before even, Il. 15.588 .

3. after causal Conjs., v. ἐπείπερ, ἐπειδήπερ ; δι' ὅ τι π . just because, Hdt. 4.186 .

4. after relats., v. ὅσπερ, οἷός περ, ὅσοσπερ, ἔνθαπερ, ὅθιπερ, οὗπερ, ᾗπερ, ὥσπερ .

5. after the comp. particle, v. ἤπερ, ἠέπερ .

6. after καί, v. καίπερ .


(B), Aeol. for περί .

Abbott-Smith Manual Greek Lexicon of the New Testament


(akin to περί ),

enclitic particle, adding force or positiveness to the word which precedes it: indeed, by far, etc. In the NT, it is always affixed to the word to which it relates, see διόπερ , άἐνπερ , εἴπερ , ἐπείπερ , ἐπειδήπερ , ἤπερ , καθάπερ , καίπερ , ἅσπερ , ὥσπερ .

Abbott-Smith Manual Greek Lexicon of the New Testament.
Copyright © 1922 by G. Abbott-Smith, D.D., D.C.L.. T & T Clarke, London.
Vocabulary of the Greek NT

For the ordinary use of πλανήτης, ";planet,"; cf. the magic P Lond 121.513 (iii/A.D.) (= I. p. 100) γεννήσας τοὺς ε ̄ πλανήτας ἀστέρας οἵ εἰσιν οὐρανοῦ σπλάγχνα καὶ γῆς ἔντερα καὶ ὕδατος χύσις καὶ πυρὸς θράσος, and P Eudvii. (cited by Mayser Gr. p. 441). In Judges 1:13, on the other hand, the imagery is clearly derived from Enoch (especially 18.14 f.), and the reference is to ";wandering stars,"; stars which have left their appointed orbits : see further Mayor Comm. ad l.



The Vocabulary of the Greek New Testament.
Copyright © 1914, 1929, 1930 by James Hope Moulton and George Milligan. Hodder and Stoughton, London.
Derivative Copyright © 2015 by Allan Loder.
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